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A standard brony living in his natural habitat


~ Dracula on Bronies

Bronies are human subspeices, usually "men", who worship and kiss the ass of the new internet 1337ness known as My Little Pony. They are known for their highly contagious friendship and Magic, able to spread them even faster than AIDS spreads in a gay orgy of 30 Black People. Any sane person seeing a Brony should seek help in a mental hospital before they turn into a brony themselves. The same applies to sane personnel that had directly contacted the show itself, in which they should be exterminated in order to prevent his friendship and magic from spreading further to nearby humans.


Before the day of the beast my little pony is just a show watched by 6 year old girls and retards. But in the day of the beast, lauren faust possesed the formerly girly cartoon with the ghost of mr. Hands as an attempt to rebirth the show, men who watched it were hypnotized by the horse mating dance hidden in the show. the first brony offically seen was sighted in the streets of 4Chan's /co/ board and started hugging everybody in the board, spreading his Friendship and Magic to anybody who were in the board. Soon this has spreaded to /b/, 4Chan's ghettos where the newfags had flooded the board with Ponies crossed with macros containing the most uncreative, old and forced memes imaginable to netkind. after 2 days the pony-shaped tumor has spreaded to deviantart, Knowyourmeme, Youtube, tumblr, Furaffinity and even ED was not spared from the spreading tumor. The World health orginization has labled the outbreak as a rank 6 outbreak for 10 minutes and called people to stay away from the internet. at feburary 2012 4chan government has basically exterminated the brony population. However the Friendship and Magic will still strike 4Chan every once a week, and numerous /b/tards have been turned into bronies. so moot had created the /mlp/ board in order to serve as an emergency isolation against infected people, as anyone who gets infected will be damned forever as a brony. Sadly, the other sites where bronies reside have been throughly infected and are in the final stage of the cancer, in which the only method is death.

Behaviour and habitat[edit]

bronies think this is manly.

Bronies will not attempt to defend the tumor that they reside. instead, they try to spread their friendship and Magic to anyone who invade them, turning them into a part of the tumor. This is usually done by gifs, videos, and meme generator macros that are "manly". A common mistake of invading brony bases is to open any videos they give you, as there is a 100% chance of it being a pony video and the troll will most likely turn into a brony. Other bronies activities include mastubating to pony Rule 34, creating unfunny macros crossed with outdated memes, converting other franchise characters into ponies or ponies into humans (gijinka), worshipping rainbow dash, and last but not least, spreading their friendship and Magic to others. Most have the misconception that Bronies are men, but in reality Bronies can be female. An ordinary human can turn into a brony by coming into contact with them, watching anything pony, especially full shows, and touching pony related media. It is reported that coming contact into Lauren Faust will make you infected as well.

Bronies speak in ponyspeak, or words such as "Clop", "newfriends (Newfags)", "20% more cooler". if you see anyone saying something like this, kill him with a lawn mower.

Bronies also believe they are awesome and manly. Sadly, a grown man watching a show for 6 year old girls that thinks he is 1337 or manly is a insult to male animals. As a result, the majority of regular people calls them being gay and not manly. In fact, watching a show intended for 6 year old girls and retards is not manly at all.

Bronies believe they get all the ladies as well. Sadly, all of the females that show up on bronycons are as ugly as your mom or this woman.

Bronies, in the internet, live in sites infested with furries and memes. these include DeviantART, KnowYourMeme, 4Chan's /mlp/ board (in which is used as an isolation center), furaffinity and equestria daily, in which the knowyourmeme bronies being Jews and are extremely ferocious; in reality, they live in basements of their mother and in animu conventions where they die alone.

The original god that all bronies worship (censored for your own good)

All bronies have a common feature; They worship Mr. hands, the original brony which died from getting raped by the cock of a horse. They ultimately desire, and will attempt to become him in order to eventually fullfill their horse-fucking fantasies.

Relations to furries[edit]

Bronies are actually furries in denial, as seen some bronies use to draw furry art, pokemon art and animu art, all which are qualities used to combine the show. Yet even a decent brony will tell you that they are not furries, which is a blatant lie. this can be approved even more by the fact that some places that bronies reside, such as DeviantART and furaffinity are also spawning ground for furries. As a matter of fact ponies are animals with fur as well. However, they will chase furries out of their boards and even denounce them, further increasing their hypocrisy.

everybody knows it, deniers of furfaggotry.

Methods if you cross one[edit]

bronies in their natural form

First, State that bronies are furries in denial. this is especially effective in /mlp/ and Deviantart. They will go all out to flame you because they think they are not furries. now compare a brony to a furry. If they send you a video don't open or you will be infected with Friendship and Magic. if it gets serious you might even turn into a brony yourself. You can also tell them that being a brony means they are gay.

As an alternative method state all bronies have autism and ADHD. if anyone disapproves, just tell them that they prove their point. Again, DO NOT OPEN ANY VIDEOS THAT THEY SEND YOU. Spamming their threads with older MLP generations work too because they were only viewed by kids, as they always should have.

If you see a brony in your board or wiki, kill him with a banhammer before it spreads Friendship and Magic any further into your board. Or you can just flame him until he leaves. this is the most effective method to prevent spreading. if the infection is too serious, just kill all bronies with a banhammer.

Stating that they are posssessed by the ghost of Mr. Hands is the best method, since most bronies deny that they are horse-fuckers. If anyone says they are not, just tell them that lauren faust possessed the film of the show with his ghost, and anyone who watched it will be possessed by the ghost of a horse-fucker.

A KnowYourmeme brony. DO NOT TROLL.

*WARNING* DO NOT TROLL ANY BRONIES FROM MEMEBASE! Know Your meme supports it's brony community, and if you try to mock them they will bury your comment in your face then proceed to report it to an admin. you know what's happened next.


Refrain from entering places such as animu conventions, equestria daily, Minecraft, and the internet in general. There are lots of bronies in these places. Avoid opening any video with ponies. if you see ponies, your too late. you must close the window IMMEDIATELY when you see the words "My little pony:friendship is magic" or you will be infected. Send anyone who you suspect as a brony to a mental hospital. Evacuate any places where the cancer is likely to spread.


  • Clop: Fapping to pony Rule 34
  • Pegasister:Female brony. usually as ugly as this woman.
  • Parasprite:Any sane person that dares invade Brony territory. Usually these will turn into bronies after a week due to ponyrape.
  • Brohoof:Brofist. Faggot version.
  • <pony> is an <object>: Re imagining of ponies to objects. If any sane person does this, he is saying in short; "FUCK ME FAGGOT". Do it.
  • Ponification:DO IT FAGGOT

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