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The slogan may need work

Usually unrecognized as a New American High School, Brooklyn Technical High School has taken to wearing dark glasses and a fake moustache in order to remain anonymous. As evidenced by the picture to the right, it has largely failed in this aim.

Is it Gay? Does it Have a Mandate?[edit]

It is undoubtedly gay having been on at least one New York State mandate.

Does it Have Dashing Good Looks?[edit]

Largely because of its dashing good looks, it is one of the few selective specialized high schools in NY.

Will it Sleep With Anything?[edit]

Most specialized high schools in NY will sleep with anything, frankly.

I Hear it's Terribly Underfunded, and the Only Thing Going for it is its Collection of Sports Memorabilia, Including Several Trophies and belts from the Early Days of Urban Combat[edit]

It is terribly underfunded, and the only thing going for it is its collection of sporting memorabilia (including several trophies and belts from the early days of Urban Combat). No one is really sure if this will change anything, but it's good fun in a Brooklyn-y kind of way.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • When Brooklyn Tech was designed, the decision was made to coat the school in orange industrial goth, a very hip shade at the time (it is now widely considered post-hip, which makes it cool in a retro way).
  • Brooklyn Technical High School's Mascot, Dirk Queenie, the Mentally Handicapped Drag Queen, was based on a play written by Calvin Coolidge. Yes, you read that correctly - the play itself, not a character in the play. What was the play called? I don't know. Are you suggesting I'm making this all up? Are you? Huh? Wanna go outside? Do you, tough "I can read" literate guy?
  • Brooklyn Tech actually admits pocket knives and hamsters as matriculated students, though only one pocket knife has been admitted so far. It languished in the 10th grade for three years before running away to the circus in 1987.

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