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An average action packed day in Broughton Astley

Broughton Astley is the governing seat of the Winfield District

Winfield District

of Leicester. It is known as the meeting point of the district, and the crossroads to the world.

Many comparisons have been drawn to inner city Leicester itself, and the term knockoff Leicester was coined.

Attributes of a Knockoff Leicester[edit]

  • Mini Train Line
  • Mini Monsell
  • Small (though relative) quantities of goths, chavs and emos
  • more fast food outlets than inhabitants


Founded by David Gray as his base camp in the second ice age, and re enforced with the construction of Ye Olde Bulls Head tavern, Broughton Astley became a global superpower when Sir.Jameslcfc MBE came riding through during the Seantosis cull of 1913

Tourism & Commerce[edit]

Tourism has fallen on hard times in Broughton Astley since the Winfield District closed its borders when the amount of conservatives flooding to the area increased 10 fold, but when Labour government went a bit Pete-Tong Governer Bill decided to change border control to favour Conservatives
Commerce is found in the wealth of the manyhairdressers, and chinese take-aways. The Co-op is also rather popular, but also rather shit. Interestingly enough the Winfield district covers two Co-op reigons, Midlands and Heart of England, although Midlands are being driven out of business by big boys Morrisons, and several attempts to buy out Broughton Co-op or build a seperate venture by Tesco Banking is a dead art in the Governing Seat and the only in-district banks are founf in Lutterworth Town

Political Change[edit]

Dedicated district troops in full biological armour

Originally governed by Arnold Swarznegger untill he moved on to better things. Governer Bill has been at seat in the district since the end times.

Although there have been several calls in the last millenium for him to stand aside, he has undeniably brought the distric through some hard times.

improved border standards

When Seantosis threatened to overwhelm the district in 1910 he fortified the borders, mobilised district gaurd and called in Sir. James.

Dangers of Living in Broughton[edit]

Potholes have recently migrated to the area, and also there are alot of Iraqi asylum seekers.

Science and education[edit]

  • The Projects are a collection of model houses at full scale, they are uninhabited, and are a

psychological experiment. Severeal learned men watch as people go insane whilst walking through the breath-takingly silent and pristine projects

  • Vykers Labs Inc. are based just outside of Broughton Astley, and the biological waste is poisoning the waterhole.
  • Also the Afrikaans university is under construction
  • Local priest and legend Bruce is also a fountain of knowledge, people used to speculate about his surname, until it was discovered he doesn't have one and it truly is "just 'Bruce'"