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“Tamia won't be remembered beyond the 21st Century”

Charles taken on the day of his graduation

Charles Spencer "Buck" Rogers, (b.1938) is an American astronaut and athlete renounced worldwide for his hairdo.

Born in Oklahoma, Buck grew up fascinated by the stories of Flash Gordon, and went to Florida to learn how to be an astronaut. Eventually graduating with a Diploma in Astrology, Buck joined with NASA and became the 19,766th person in space.

As an Astronaut[edit]

Rising to the rank of Captain, Buck led the first manned expedition to Mars, where he and his crew uncovered the base for the Planners from Outer Space, making their plans known to the Earth.

In 1969, Buck was cloned and his clone was frozen in a time-capsule, where it emerged in the 25th Century, lonely from it's isolation and absolutely crazy. After five years serving the space forces of the future, the clone went beserk and massacred the planet, with the last survivors sending a message back in time that read as follows:

Later Years[edit]

Since the 1980's, Buck has become semi-retired from active duty and spends much of his time running his father's pig-farm in Oklahoma, along with his friend Porky Pig. Buck has not married and as of yet has had little in the way of a love-life.


While Flash Gordon has several rip-offs, Buck has only three worth mentioning: