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BWE in Nevada.

An Bucket Wheel Excavator is an type of automobile, most oftenly produced in Cuba, Asia, Kazakhstan and Russia.


The first Bucket Wheel Excavator was designed and built at Grozny Grad for Colonel Volgin in 1964. It was later destroyed by Big Boss and the contract was bought out by famous investor and producer Jimmy Page, whom had another improved model built in 1063 for

Big Boss' Metal Gear, notice the Custom Baby Blue, available only in 1995.

Aleister Crowley.

Sony later purchased the contract to be produced alongside Nintendo in the early 90's. However Nintendo later dropped out of the deal, and Big Boss once again purchased the contract. However this BWE was destroyed by Solid Snake, the blueprints stolen by Higharolla Cockamamie, rebuilt using popsicles and toothpaste, destroyed by Soft Snake, the remains were once again purchased from an Irish Junkyard by Big Boss. Boyd Coddington was responsible for the restoration, which was botched, destroyed by Solid Snake and the remains sold to Kazakhstan for use as an large electricity generator.

In 2005 the design was revamped by Arms Tech (An Branch of General Motors) and deployed in an training operation on Shadow Moses Island, off the Fox Arcipeligo. It was overtaken by memebers of FOXHOUND and the Next Generation Special Forces (victims of an controversial Grand Theft Auto training regimen). Solid Snake was brought out of drunken retirement, shot full of drugs, and dispatched to control the situation, he killed most everyone.

At the same time as the Shadow Moses incident, Russia began full scall mass production under GM's Opel Division. This was due in part to Revolver Ocelot uploading all the spec's to Photobucket.

In 2009, Solid Snake and friends, (namely an blonde one) Kicked a bunch of Metal Gear's asses in New York.


BWE's (as their affectionately known) often see daily commuter use, getting an amazing 9182 gallons of diesel to the mile, they actually produce less emissions that the leading competitor (in this case, its half brother Metal Gear) and fair better in full on side and frontal crash testing.

Here an Bucket Wheel Excavator is seen cruising along in the Nebraska Country Side

==List of Well Known Bucket Wheel Excavator Owners==

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