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i know you think you are a hilarious person and decided today to jump on uncyclopedia with all of your bros and look up words and see satirical takes on real encyclopedia entries. i imagined the conversation that led you to this page went something like this...

bro one: hey bro, wanna go look up Sean Connery or sodomy?
bro two: uberlawlz, no bro. let's go look up building. i bet that will be mad stupid whack funny!

i hope at this point in time you realize that this decision was neither mad stupid nor whack funny, unless you mean stupid as in the literal sense, in which, it was. the choice for choosing to look up building on uncyclopedia is entirely unfunny for a number of reasons.

  • everyone in the world knows what a building is. and if you didn't know what a building is you certainly wouldn't be looking for it here, you would probably go to a more reliable source like wikipedia
  • even if this was another typical satirical entry what could possibly be funny about an entry on a building? "buildings are where Oscar Wilde learned how to kitten huff whilst shouting AAAAAAAAA!" wow, that's a real zinger, you stumbled onto some hilarious content today. jackass.
  • You are a tool and nothing you do is funny. ever.

why are you still reading this?[edit]

Don't you realize that this was all a trap. were were lured into this by thinking it would be funny and now it is obviously not. don't you think now would be a good time to cut your losses and leave? do you think there will be some humorous content after this point? i've already made my statement that you are a fool for looking up this page in the first place but you continue to read on as if this doesn't apply to you? fine, here is a picture of a building.

there are you happy? now you've seen a building. but to think, now that i had to show you that building, your computer had to upload that picture. that causes major bandwidth problems and i don't think you know how pricey that stuff is. 1 KB of bandwidth consumes about 10 gallons of blood from infidels (mostly middle eastern children). there you go. not only are you an idiot but now you are an unnecessary murderer, what next are you going to become a rapist?

you are a rapist[edit]

uh oh, there you go, is there nothing sacred for you today? the best route would be to just end it all now. you thought you were going to have a little fun and lurk the world wide web but now you are an idiotic, murdering rapist. way to go, jackass