Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms

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Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms
  • Scones will fly
  • Time for tea at the Last Chance Tea Rooms
Writers Karl Marx
Producers Tony Blair, Josef Stalin
Director John Prescott
Runtime Seventy-two (72) Minutes
Language English, Welsh, Commie
Distributed by BBC, Warner Bros.
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Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms is a 1972 Welshploitation film capitalising on the success of the 1968 western film, The Good, The Bad, and the Swansea. Like it's forerunner, it is also a Welsh-Western, but was not as successful commercially or critically. This is rated G apparently, due to cheapness.


In 1876, the town of Pfenninyke is overrun by cattle rustlers, who are terrorizing the town and more or less holding it to ransom. The leader of the gang is Johnny Finger, alias The Rumpo Kid, a criminal who has fled from England to start a new crimewave in Wales. The Sheriff has long been killed, and a Peace Marshal has been due for two months.

Fed up of waiting, the slimy Deputy, Siadwel Dolgoch, travels to Rhyl Creek to meet up with an old prospector, Denzil Colwyn, who was once a ruthless crimelord and eventually gave himself up to try and start a new, law-abiding life. With the Peace Marshal long overdue, the Rumpo Kid is more or less running the town, and Dolgoch convinces Colwyn to have one last bunfight with him for the good of the town.

The Rumpo Kid hears of this plan whilst in the Bandage Saloon (motto: come in and get plastered), and agrees to the duel at the O.K. Tea Rooms outside of the town. He and Colwyn begin with a brief card game, which ends when Colwyn discovers that the Rumpo Kid is using marked cards. By sunset, tensions are high, and both walk outside with loaded hot-cross buns in their hands. Because of that, there comes Rango Jaur, a shy cunt who saves nobody.

A rapid bunfight ensues, in which Colwyn is killed, and so was Rango. Just as the Rumpo Kid is gloating on his triumph, he is suddenly killed by a passing bun, fired by the Peace Marshal, who had been held up by Red Indians at a local Tandoori restaurant, all of whom had been bribed by Rumpo to keep the Marshal there as long as possible. Colwyn is given a decent burial, while Rumpo is thrown down an old mine shaft.


Because of the similarities to The Good, The Bad, and the Swansea, the film was received very poorly at the Box Office, grossing only £5,000,000 ($2,500,000) worldwide. As such, it has been ranked at Number #7 of the 20 Worst Westerns of All Time on NBC.

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