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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Obama?

“In Soviet Russia, Burak's little friend says hello to YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on Burak Tasci

“I'm Tasci! Burak Tasci! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!”

~ Burak Tasci on Sex

“Veni vidi veni iterum! (I came, I saw, I came again)”

~ Burak Tasci on Sex


~ Burak Tasci on filling in space in the conversation

“I love burritos, love them!”

~ Burak Tasci on burritos

“I'll screw you a new asshole!!!”

~ Burak Tasci on unauthorized changes to this article

Burak Tasci aka Burak or Buraq (born November 15 1984), is a computer crimes lord and documentary subject from Istanbul and a close cousin of God. He is known by the alias of "Buraq" and is widely known for beating the crap out of Mickey Mouse. He is the don of an international crime syndicate that includes other well-known mafiosi such as Sahin K, Suleyman Cakir and Borat, but not James Dean. Buraq is also an accomplished astronaut who LIKES! YELLING... VERY MUCH!

Burak worked as: a cab driver, a software engineer, and then an astronaut responsible for a succesful landing of a wrecked space shuttle, which was blown in the stratosphere at the moment he was smoking Marlboro and Marijuana with 2 hookers in the international space station (ISS) - instead of ridin' that fucking shuttle, an inspirational coach, an insomniac, a moneylending in the 1700s and a cop about 40 separate occasions.