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You <- Bushium -> Nobody
Name Bushium
Symbol W
Number 43.5
Kinkiness moderate to high
Physical Properties
Melting point -0 °C, or maybe -0 °F
Boiling point 666 °C, or maybe 666 °F
Flavor Yummy

As a political element, Bushium is distinguished by being densest and thickest of all the political elements appearing in the periodic table. Bushium is a dangerous element, ready to react violently to any stimuli and to explode unpredictably. The scientists who work with Bushium in the laboratory advise you to avoid any contact of Bushium (W) to Irakium (Ir). One can rid oneself of Bushium by mixing it with Obamium, while no reaction is seen if one makes use of it with Iranium-238 (with its affinity to transmute into nuclear plutonium-239 by adding a proton instead of the element marginally less dangerous, Iraqium. Nevertheless, to have too much Bushium at one time can be very harmful for the environment. It is advised that you to leave the handling of Bushium to the professionals (intelligent democrats).

Bushium has been known to produce sound waves when exposed to oxygen, but no one seems to be able to understand them. Excessive exposure to Bushium has been known to cause a loss of speech, an intense need to get more guns, and mess things up. It has also been known to destroy all traces of intelligence within a 50 foot radius and/or cause heads to asplode. The only way you can protect yourself is to wear headgear made from tin foil or run like hell! Once someone has been exposed to Bushium, the only way to (possibly) cure their problems is a brain transplant. Sadly, 100% of those exposed to Bushium die eventually.

A variant of Bushium has been discovered: Bushium-41. Though this variant has far less destructive abilities than original Bushium, it is still listed as more dangerous than this. It has been proposed that Bushium-41 is the real form of Bushium, but this has been disputed.

Other professionals insist Bushium does not, in fact, exist on its own-that instead, it is a cover for Chenium. They believe that the properties of Bushium are the exact same as Chenium, so they must be the same. Coincidentally, Chenium has not been found in large amounts for years, even though it was abundant just 6 years prior. Still others think the Bushium Chenide compound, in the presence of Irakium or Iranium, has the ability to destroy any element in existence, except for itself. This has not been proven on a large-scale basis, but some smaller studies have appeared to prove this.

Bushium reacts quickly with currency and appears to make pure currency disappear into thin air, especially in the presence of anything else. Although, when near Halliburtion, this effect does not occur for some odd reason. When all currency has disappeared, Bushium begins creating Debton from no apparent source.

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