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Bushman is a term generally used to descibe niggers. In Australia they are additionally known as ruddies, ruddy bushmen, or "HEY GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY RESTAURANT"s. Typically these "people" "originate" from "Africa", and speak Swahili whilst wearing loincloths. The origin of the word "bushman" is disputed, and has two supposed sources:

A: the typical bushman is rarely shit-free, let alone properly groomed. They usually have large pubic afros (known as BUSHES) which flow out from underneath their less-than-ample loincloths.


B: They live in fucking bushes. You figure it out.

A common misconception is that the bushman race is extinct in the modern world. This is far from true; most "civilized" bushmen are right under your nose. The famous trumpet player Louis Armstrong was a bushman. He died when his big ol' bush got sucked into his horn and he suffocated (his mouth wasn't physically detatchable from the mouthpiece). 156 of the 160 Harlem Globetrotters were also bushmen. In fact, 80 of them survive to this day! (77 died of bush cancer)

the formula used by niggerologists to determine wether or not a person is a bushman, is as follows:

The bushman formula.JPG

The poop to skin ratio (how much poop there is on the skin, P/S) is the square root of the person's niggerocity (N). if there is more exposed poop than skin on a person's body, the ratio will be more than 1/1, making the niggerocity more than 1. Therefore, anyone who has a niggerocity of 1.0 or higher is considered a ni....er, bushman.