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  1. Approval of old minutes.
  2. Approval of agenda.
  3. Introduction of new employees.
  4. PowerPoint presentation of proposals from the Mission Statement committee.
  5. PowerPoint presentation of proposals from the Vision Statement committee.
  6. PowerPoint presentation from the Operations committee about the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement.
  7. PowerPoint presentation of proposals for a new slogan for the new Quality Initiative.
  8. Discussion of new doughnut and coffee allotment system in the break room.
  9. New amendments to the revisions for the redesign of the current client project.
  10. Proposal to streamline the process of amending revisions of redesigns of the current client project.
  11. Proposals for new motivational posters in copy room.
  12. Approval of revisions for formatting of resignation notices.
  13. Expression of appreciation for employees who are being transitioned to new opportunities.
  14. Old business.
  15. New business.
  16. Adjournment.