Buttiots of Fire

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Buttiots of Fire is a Buttish film released in 1753. A documentary of an attempt to run around Jennifer Lopezs Buttocks - Chariots of Fire and Scott of the Antarctic have nothing on this. The Buttocks were provided by Jennifer Lopez herself.

Tragically several runners perished in the heat during filming due to sudden bursts of Fartium. Sean Combs was alleged to have pushed some runners into the vast rear where they were consumed with foul stygian fumes.

Much of the film was unfortunately lost and the film was never released to public viewing, however its notoriety among directors did lead to Jennifer Lopez being offered roles by Russ Meyers and Jesus Franco before Whale Butt snapped her up for the main role in Frankenbutt.

Those Involved[edit]


Supporting Cast[edit]

Vast, mostly unknown and mostly crushed beyond recognition or blasted with Fartium.