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The C-17 large flying moose.

The C-17 is an amazing, powerful, wonderful, large, four-engine flying moose built for the US Air Farce. The C-17 is built in the drug culture capital of Long Beach California. The workers who build the C-17 are, for the most part, hippies, but are extremely intelligent, happy, and creative thinkers. The workers and engineers are among the best in the entire world, and even the entire universe. Occasionally, the management of the C-17 makes a sound decision. However, this has only happened once or twice in the history of the program. Once touted as “The unsung hero of the war on terrorism”, sadly the C-17 is dieing a slow death in Congress, and especially our lame-duck president George W. With the last of the large moose now in final production, the future of the work force is in peril. Many workers will face homelessness and poverty. Please write to your Congressmen and keep this moose flying! Long Beach doesn’t need the homeless. This aircraft deserves it's own religeon.

Even a petition to Santa to replace his reindeer with the flying moose has failed. It is belived that a strike by the people of earth by refusing to accepts Santa's gifts if he does not buy the moose to deliver them, will finally force Santa to buy these moose so that the production line may be kept alive.