Caribbean Area Fear and Terror Alliance

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Mickey Mouse the Great visits Fidel Castro at a summit meeting in Castaway Cay. The two leaders were later joined by Tamia to form CAFTA.

The Caribbean Area Fear and Terror Alliance (CAFTA) is an evil organization founded by Mickey Mouse the Great, Fidel Castro, Dr. Sahara and Anita Bryant. It specializes in enforcing terror around Cuba and Florida. Upon its founding in 1960, the organization’s mandate has been the sharing of technical expertise in torture, terror, and fear. In 1970, after the democracy reforms triggered by the Fantasyland Spring, Disneyland withdrew from CAFTA. However, the two remaining founding signatories continue to work to spread fear throughout the world. Several nations, including Sudan, Zaire and the Duchy of the Arctic Circle, have observer status within CAFTA. Some international relations specialists believe that CAFTA will soon expand to include these observer nations. Several drafts have been circulated for a successor organization to CAFTA—the World Terror Organization (or WTO). For now, CAFTA continues to maintain active operations throughout the Caribbean. The alliance’s current leader is Evil.


Although it mostly consists of Soviet units, the CAFTA military also has a new form of airplane, the EVIL-5 Hippo, an airplane that can spot targets from 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away. There are many ranks in the CAFTA military:

  • Idiot - Lowest rank. Is on front lines
  • Stupid - A higher rank. Is in charge of squadrons of twelve idiots
  • Zaire's Zairean Paramilitary Militia - Fanatical Quasi-Marxist foot soldiers.
  • Someone better - Is equal to the USA rank of Captain. A Someone better is usually a greedy person
  • Commander - Higher than Someone better. Sits in a tank and shouts orders
  • Boss - A person from a video game. Some bosses of the CAFTA have been Bowser, Pac-Man, and Satan.
  • General - A really important person. He usually sits safe behind a desk waiting for reports
  • Aide - A person who aids a general.
  • Errand-Boy - A person who aids an Aide.
  • Grand General - A person one rank above General. There are only 12 Grand Generals at a time
  • Supreme Commander - The person in charge of all troops. There is only 1 Supreme Commander at a time. Currently, it is Hitler's Clone.
  • Commander-in-Cheif - The leader of the CAFTA. Can outrank the Supreme Commander. There is only one at a time. Currently, it is Evil.