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As you can see from these paparazzi photographs of the couple semi naked Cat5 and RJ45 were a twisted pair

CAT5 is a technological wiz-kid who made many important connections around the world, but was eventually taken to the wire by his own son for want of adequate electrical insulation.

Early Life[edit]

CAT5 was born in the early 1990's as a result of a genetic experiment which attempted to cross breed the entire Jackson 5 with a large ginger tabby cat called Ethernet. Ethernet (who was working as courier driver) first met the Jackson 5 whilst prowling around the local area network delivering a packet. Some of the Jacksons predicted (after sensing the carrier) that a multiple access was likely unless they detected the collision. Scientists saw the possibility for fun and eventually managed to get the group to breed when it became apparent that actually most of them did not like pussies.

In their home, CAT5 would often fight with his half-brothers and RS-232 and Centronics. Some of the battles with RS-232 were without parallel.

Early Adult Hood[edit]

CAT5's teenage years were very awkward, he was too large for regular phone sockets, and to small for most other existing plugs. This was obviously a particularly frustrating situation for a developing connector in his mid teens for whom jacking became almost impossible.

At age 20, CAT5 met his future wife RJ-45. They married when CAT5 was 24 and 123/365 years old.

On his 21st birthday, he issued a drunken statement attempting to socket to his farther demanding retribution for not being including the musical about his father's life (Cats obviously (oh, I do apologise for that one)).


On September 6th, 2001, CAT5 and RJ-45's became pregnant with their only child (CAT5e). Unfortunately after a traumatic birth RJ-45 experienced difficulties, and her little plastic bit broke of preventing the couple from having more children.

Before CAT5e had aged 1 year, he had completely unplugged his farther and usurped his position as chief connector in the hub of the community. CAT5 was left in a tangled Mess.