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CSI: Provo is the latest spinoff of Jerry Bruckheimer's popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigators series. Provo is set on the windswept steppes of the mid-size Utah city of Provo. The choice of Provo as the new CSI city was met with some surprise. Many critics asked, "Provo? Why the fuck did he set it in Provo?" Buckheimer was looking to forge new TV ground by setting a series in city other than New York, LA, or Chicago.

The general concept is what effect will the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland between the Provisionals and the British, have on those residents of Provo' Utah. The answer according to this show? Unfortunately nothing.


The new locale also inspired Buckheimer to cast real Mormons, relative unknowns, and relatives as characters in his series. The series would feature many crime show cliche characters: the grizzled veteran cop whose seen too much, the wide-eyed rookie, the hooker with a heart of gold, no wait, that's cowboys...ah you'll see what I mean.

Captain Sean Patrick O'FitzMurphyhan
(played by Jedediah Wills) : The captain, a veteran NYPD detective, converted to the Mormon faith when two door-to-door missionaries convinced him to repent. He moved to Utah to be closer to his new faith's home base. He brought with him the nightmares and stress induced flashbacks of 20 years as a New York cop. In order to control these, his therapist suggested that he picked up a hobby; he began Cartogami and writing Healthcare Sonnets, both of which serve hime well in the field.Many of his methods do not translate well in his new environment.
Detective Cody Smith
(played by Chris Bruckheimer) Smith Graduated from Brigham Young with a Bachelors in Criminology, he joined the force right out of college and was quickly promoted to detective. Still green and inexperienced, the "kid" has a lot to learn about the mean streets of Provo.
Coroner Becky "Boom-Boom" Wallace
(played by Sabrina Marcus) A reformed Denver prostitute who put herself through medical school by tricking, Becky moved to Provo to start fresh, and became such a popular morality tale, she was elected coroner in a conservative town like Provo. She uses her street smarts and biting wit to solve crimes along side the CSI crew.


The "ripped-from-the-headlines" nature of the team's cases has led to the popularity of the show. Recent events have kept Utah, and the LDS church in the news, and Bruckheimer has capitalized on this fact.

Season One[edit]

Eight is Enough? - When a suspected polygamist is found dead, it's up to the team to determine if he died of a sex-induced heart attack, or was murdered. If murder's the case, which of his 8 wives is the killer?

Dynamite Napoleon - A pipe bomb explodes in the mailbox of a newly popular Mormon actor. Who would want the gawky teen dead? Is it a rival studio? or the film's producers unwilling to pay him his percentage of the gross?

Nothing Happens - No crime occurs in the city for a full week. Nobody cares.

Not Very Smart - When a Mormon girl is kidnapped from her home, a crazy couple is suspected. O'FitzMurphyhan wonders why the girl didn't run away? She had the opportunity. Fear, or Stockholm Syndrome?

IRA On Tour - 3 members of the Irish Republican Army come to Provo to impart their knowledge to the locals. Ends with the locals getting high on kittens and accidentally blowing up the stash of guinness. Ends with a cliffhanger for the beginning of next season.

Season Two Predictions[edit]

It is anticipated that Bruckheimer will try and locate a token minority to be featured on the show, possibly as a new CSI character. The hope is that they can track down a living individual of color within the state, who can act, and who can accurately portray the challenges of being the minority in the city. This move promises to capture the remainder of the %.012 percent minority groups in Utah.

It is also anticipated that there will be an episode referencing the Winter Olympics, and Mitt Romney, now governor of Massachusetts. Despite the fact that this is old news, Bruckheimer and the rest of the cast are being fairly tight-lipped about the whole second season of the series.

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