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Logo of the Counter Tourism Unit


CTU was founded in 1893 by Jack Bauer. Originally named the Center for Perimiters and Illicit Fun, they changed their name when they were bought by the U.S. Government. Jack Bauer no longer runs CTU, however he acts like he runs it anyways. Recently featured on the drama 24, the viewers of the program believe CTU to be a flying space ship, capable of always being within the path of incoming nuclear attacks with menacing canisters.


  • Perimeters have been a threat to CTU ever since its inception. Despite worshiping them with their original name, perimeters have allowed numerous suspects to blow up numerous people.
  • Audrey Raines is a monstrous sea creature disguised as an ugly woman. While a favorite character of the drama 24, she has caused mayhem. She can be seen crying in nearly every season of the TV show, but her father refuses to let CTU fire her. The constant sight of her crying caused Morris O'Brian to take a drill bit and put a hole in his shoulder.
  • Edgar Stiles is the only threat CTU has successfully neutralized. Despite being larger than life in every way, Edgar was converted to the dark side by Kanye West. The dark side probably offered him something to help him become larger, something like cookies, which caused his sudden change. After discovering he could no longer be trusted, CTU dropped poisonous gas into the main room and watched as people suffocated.

Edgar Stiles[edit]

Despite popular belief, Edgar is still dead. However, before he died, he launched a computer virus into the CTU mainframe, which now randomly alters satellite feeds. This is believed to have caused the death of approximately fast food customers.