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Combat Zone Wrestling is wrestling fed where people hit each other with weapons and such. But rather than using the weapons in a "normal" way, they throw them at each other.

Guns in Wrestling[edit]

It is known for being the first fed that allowed usage of a gun during a match. The match was a "Out of Date Egg Nog on a Pole Deathmatch" with the CZW World Semi Weight title on the line. "The Legal Illegal" Juan Beena went up against Bison Dixx in said match. The match ended after a shot from a 12 gauge shotgun to the face of Juan Beena by Dixx. Other matches include a Trannsexual Midget in a bikini deahmatch The rules were very easy and it was for the CZW Transexual International Title. In which Yura Fag took on Oliver Clothesoff. They both jumped of the top of a Helicopter and hurt the midget bad. The match ended because of the midget which was with the title ran of because he got hit by accident. So there for it was a draw and wrestling history was made for this match.

A re-inactment of OJ Simpson and how he REALLY killed his wife..C-Z-DUB, C-Z-DUB!

Main Roster[edit]

  • Hardcore Hack
  • Commisioner Dagnag
  • Oscar Guerrtinez
  • Ivan Drago - current champion
  • "The Legal Illegal" Juan Beena
  • John "Drive-By Shooting that killed 5 people and injured 12" Jackson
  • Bison Dixx
  • Barloon Tux
  • Gregory "Bitchslap" O'Toole
  • Ace Buster
  • Spyda Gee
  • "Street Legal" Ashley Slater
  • Maze
  • Jared, the Subway Guy
  • Peter

CZW Title Belts[edit]

  • CZW Ultraviolent Barbed Wire Burning Cage Championship of DEATH deathmatch: Danzig
  • CZW Greatest Fall From an Insanely High Object Trophy: Koko B. Ware
  • CZW Tag Team Championship:Colin and Mary Kate Olsen.
  • CZWWE Championship:VACATED (Last held by Ivan Drago)