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Map of Post-Nike Revolution United States. Calorington is on the left side of the map.

Calorington was a state of the United States, formed after the Nike Revolution of 2006. Its territory included all land of the former states of Washington, Oregon, and California. It was formed on July 3, 2006 in protest of George W. Bush's groupings of states following the revolution, most notably East Virginia and Dakota, formed out of Virginia and Maryland, and North Dakota and South Dakota, respectively.

Its capital was San Seattle, site of the infamous San Seattle Riot, which caused the deaths of 65 Caloringtons. San Seattle was a megalopolis which ran all the way from Bellingham to San Diego, making it officially the most Democratic city in the post-revolutionary United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger was declared Great Grand Potentate over all the states.

As soon as the revolution calmed down, the cities of Spokane, Pendleton and Lewiston formed their own conurbation, called Spokandleston. It became the most Republicanistic state in the United States. Now both cities' votes cancelled each other out in the 2008 gubernatorial election due to an arcane system of opposing canditates doing just that (cancelling each other out), meaning that some Green Party pinko got elected. This development caused mass panic, similar to that of the race in 2004 for Washington.

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