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“I likes cameras”

~ Classic camera whore on Cameras

“I like this article”

~ Someone on crack
The classic camera whore

The term cam whore is short for camera whore. This is used to describe people who can’t seem to stop taking pictures of embedded image themselves. These pictures usually involve pouting, overly obsessive amounts of make-up and tight, revealing clothing. However these are not always used. Camera whores will always have a my space and bebo account with at least 30 pictures of themselves and usually more then one photo album. However do not confuse them with myspace whores and bebo whores, as this is a different matter altogether.

Types of Camera Whore[edit]


Why and How[edit]

After some extensive research it has been discovered that camera whores all have a camera whore gene otherwise known as CamW [obvious and unimaginative reasons]. This was a rare gene however its powers are spreading far and wide and more are more people a falling as its victim.

The gene was first discovered long ago in 445BC by a man named Roderick Mc Olaphel. Although there were no cameras back in those days Roderick trained his trusty pet zebra to paint him as he posed. There are many rumours as to how the gene started but I think we can safely say that it came from a mysterious salad that had been spiked with alien punch.

However, Roderick was a lonely man and it is now known that when in times of great desire he would find himself making passionate, unprotected sex-intercourse with his turtle. And so the inevitable happened and the cam whore gene was spread wide into the world infecting both humans and turtles. It wasn’t long until both Roderick and Shelly were no longer for this world and it was left to their children to spread the cam whore gene far and wide, and this they did. It was not long before these camera whores found them selves shunted right into the public eye for example George Bush, Paris Hilton and that doggy in the window.


Being a camera whore has the following effects:

  • Constantly twirling your pubic hair
  • You will find yourself pouting when in front of a mirror/putting on make up
  • You will create yourself a bebo poll "am I hot" with yes as the only answer
  • People will start commenting on your vanity
  • You will become increasingly self conscious
  • You will suck cock for crack
  • You will cringe if you see a photo of yourself more then 2 weeks old
  • You will fret if you think your make up might be smudged
  • You will no longer care for using protection when having sex with turtles
  • Zebras will be your slaves
  • You will die.
  • Mario will give you suckey suckey five dolla
  • You will be stumped
  • You will turn into a Zoe, that's as slaggy as it gets. This is the worst possible thing ever.

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