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“I made my debut in this film. However, I was left uncredited.”

~ Most cameo appearances in debuts

“You know who it is.”

~ George W. Bush during his cameo appearances

“I was credited for my cameo appearance.”

~ Guest appearance dude on cameo appearances


~ Weegee during his cameo appearances


~ Some angry guy on the above quote

“I was on that one movie... but I didn't talk! Fuck you guys!”

~ Cameo appearance guy on the movie directors
Princess Peach during her cameo in The Biggest Loser. Not to be confused as a contestant, however.

A cameo appearance or simply cameo is a brief, short appearance from a known person of works (although lots of cameo appearances involve ones you don't know who they even are) from that of video games, movies, music, books, and pornos. Cameos are often used with the cameo appearing as themselves, rather than a character names. Usually during these types of cameos, the star intrudes a sex-scene or some other private scene and looks straight at the camera. Following this, a silence occurs. When the short silence ends, someone from the main cast fan girls over this, often shouting the lines "Holy shit! It's <insert cameo here>!". Following this is often the cameo's first line, which is probably along the lines of "Yeah, I know who I am", "That's me", or "COPS! SCREAMING FAN GIRLS!"

Every now and then, a cameo appearance in a remake might be the actor to a character to which it was originally played as in the previous version(s). An example is the remake of the Star Trek stories. In that movie, they used the actor from the old corny TV show and made him play the old Spock. (He comes in peace)

History of the Appearance of Cameo[edit]

In all originality, the phrase "Cameo" meant that the character was being played by a famous star, though the character was not named something different than the famous star's name. The reason given; "why risk copyright when you can use someone FAMOUS?"

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Cameo appearance.

Another ancient filmography term, "cameo brooch", meant that the famous actor/actresses's head was chopped off and put on a statue for instant recognition. Due to modern society, the cameo brooch had its original meaning lessened and instead now refers to low-relief artist carvings of the star's head. This could be one of the only reasons that Shia LaBeouf was not killed during the shooting of Michael Bay's epic 2007 pretending-to-be-car-explosion-explosion-explosion-explosion-EXPLOSION-EXPLOSION-EXPLOSION film Transformers.

When the appearance is made and after all the hard work; if the role is left uncredited, it is officially a cameo appearance. No matter how big the role was. It can be noted even some main roles were considered cameos.

A cameo can sometimes establish as being important or unimportant despite the short screen-time. Some examples include that one guy whosh talkshs like dish in Robin Hood, Ted Danson in Saving Private Ryan, Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class, blah blah blah. The real question is, how do we know they played these roles?

Anthony Hopkins currently has the most known cameo roles, but we're still looking for more.[1]

Fictional characters[edit]

Don't think that only real people can have cameo appearances. Stan Lee's comic book action-pact, web-slinging, superhero, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man often makes cameo appearances in other Marvel comic books that affiliate under other superheroes. Spider-Man has made cameo appearances in Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and basically every single Marvel comic. Many believe Spider-Man has managed to web-sling his ass into some of DC Comics's works such as Superman, Batman, and the Green Lantern. Adventure Time has also had the New York City web-slinger intrude into the story.

The most hated cameo appearance is from Weegee. His stare is quite famous.[2]


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