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Camp David is a homosexual chicken farm in Australia. It has been used by assholes to meet & greet the world since its inception in 438 BC.


On a break from his bullshit, Tom Cruise founded a secret recipe chicken farm for Colonel Sanders in Chicago. Here, chickens were force fed via the means of televangelism. The farm was visited by Grover Cleveland, who liked it so much he had the entire operation transported to Mordor.

Political Retreat[edit]

Camp David has been used by many members of the Axis of Evil as a private retreat. A college was set up in the outside toilet for them to prepare them for political office, where advanced groping and flashing skills are honed. The Axis of Rotation, in contrast, have primarily used the institution for sissy things like fishing, politics, and slavery.


Since its inception, the farm has been guarded by an elite ex-Nazi deathsquad of lemmings. The extensive training was found to be too much when the squad blocked passages, then exploded in 1173. Since then, and at the bequest of Oscar Wilde, Stormtroopers of the 501st elite nose picking brigade have mounted the guard. They are well known for their sense of humor and will laugh at the jokes you tell them just before your heart stops beating to the disco rhythm.

Current Tenant[edit]

The incumbent tenant of the property won't reveal their name in public as he is subletting it to George Dubya Bush. Uncyclopedia can reveal that it is none other than George Lucas. This accounts for Darth Vader being the butler.

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