Can I be an admin please?

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DISCLAIMER: The following article shows how hard it is to become an admin, how easy it is to beg to become one and how easy it is to be irritated as a result. It does not represent the wishes of a member or the writer of this article. If you're an admin, or you don't know what this is about, see the article's talk page.

This question had long boggled members of Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia and the rest of the community. But somehow, a few people, who behaved to the maximus by wearing condoms before sexual intercourse, fix good articles and other sorts of shit, wanted to tell an admin. The question is this:

Can I be an admin?

The following parts are show as below. Now, watch this:

Please, can I be an admin? I wanna ban Cajek![edit]

These simple words you tell to an admin can be a bit friendly at first, but later, it gets a bit annoying. Anyway, since Famine is gone, I bet we can have some fun begging. But still, the answer is no. Not yet. But even when you beg someone to put you as admin, nobody cares. Yes. Even <insert name here> will be stupid enough to beg, but you will.

A few admins left Uncyclopedia and become Wikipedians instead.... with savings! But this was because many members are bragging all the time. Can't they use the fucking VFS? No. Because, they complained that the admins keep voting against having more admins. Fuck. Even the Tourette's Guy is a billion times better! He also swears better! And also, since banning Cajek is a privilage, not a right, then you have to become an admin- oh wait, you can't become an admin, because you suck.

Tittyfuck! Shit! The admins voted against having more admins! Fuck! Piss on my arse!

~ Tourettes Guy on Not having more admins (There are over 1,500 admins on Wikipedia)

No, please, can I be an admin?[edit]

Well, the answer is maybe. But we keep voting against having more admins, so, not now. Maybe in the near future, if there is about 25,000 articles. But not now. Maybe later. Just wait and you see. If we requested to get more admins, then I can pick you as a candidate. But the process isn't as easy as Wikipedia's. In Wikipedia, you can just go to the request page and beg there. Here, no. And I'm sorry for the intolerance that occurred.

But couldn't we just nominate ourselves?[edit]

Unless you're in Wikipedia, no. I'm sorry, but we can't copy Wikipedia's system of Adminship requests, no. Wikipedia is a parody of us. Dammit, did I just gave out too much information? I think I did. As a result, you will become an outcat and you will say "Uncyclopedia is the worst! HATE HATE HAT!"

Can I help huff the articles? Becuase I think I can do the best job!


FUCK NO! This is irritating! If you want to become one, lodge a fucking petition! Perhaps beg another admin so he or she could let you be one! You can 't be an admin by bragging that you want to be one.

Ohhhhh.... You're a fucking sod![edit]

Yeah, and you're banned! For begging to wanting to become one! For 5 days!

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