Canadian Federation of Students

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The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS and a.k.a. "the Federation") is a benevolent organization founded on the timeless values of peace, love, and rock and roll. It was created in the 1960s to help students access (through the National Student Health Network) the vast number of psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs at a discounted price.

In 2004 they entered into a joint venture with The Empire and the Decepticons to build unity and solidarity with other peaceful galactic forces throughout the universe.

In 2009-2010, some students claimed to be dissatisfied with the unbeatable advocacy, products and services provided by the Federation. They created an unholy alliance of the ultra-left and ultra-right to viciously attack the defenseless organization. The CFS, who had never before appeared in a court of law, were woefully unprepared to defend their good deeds and selfless behaviour in the courts from the well-known fascist state of Canada. Their only weapon, solidarity, was helpless compared to the onslaught of baseless accusations and slanderodefamatory lies.


In 1995, the CFS' National Executive coined a new term: slanderodefamation.

Definition: n. a term used to describe the unspeakable and heinously criminal writings, vocalizations or thoughts that might be:

  1. critical of a corporation or organization
  2. pose at least one (1) inconvenient truth.

Slanderodefamatory acts are characterized by being startlingly accurate, incisive, well-researched, and deeply unflattering.

The quintessential example of slanderodefamation was published in 2010, entitled "Solidarity For Their Own Good: Self-Determination and the Canadian Federation of Students."