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The new flag for the Canary Islands is animated, and symbolically depicts canaries (yellow) flying in the sky (blue).

The quasi-autonomous Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of northwestern Africa, are home to the world's largest natural animal colony, consisting mainly of canaries.

The only human inhabitants are four government employees from Spain, the islands' post-colonial motherland:

  • one feeder to feed the canaries,
  • one psychologist to provide counselling to the canaries,
  • one legal-aid lawyer to represent the canaries, and
  • one police officer to watch over the other three employees in case they get into a brawl.
  • oh and theres also a volcano due to collapse but dont worry it wont erupt until the biggest possible gathering. IN HELL!!!!!


The textbooks tell us that the Canary Islands were named after the Latin for "Dog".

Actually the Canary Islands were named by Steve the Pirate because there were no small yellow birds. By this time he was quite insane, by the way. It was also the on-set location for long-running comedy Lost.

In 2009 the islands competed in the Islands Named After Birds Tournament 2009, hosted by the Phoenix Islands. The two countries enjoy happy bird-like relations.

Current events on the Canary Islands[edit]

What is a canary? The Supreme Court of Spain will soon decide.
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The psychologist is there on the Islands to provide counselling to the canaries to help them deal with their deep-seated identity crisis. The root cause of this identity crisis is the name of the islands which is therefore the name of the canaries themselves. The islands' name derives from the main-island's Latin name "Insularia Canaria" meaning Island of the Dogs, yet the canaries self-identify as birds rather than as dogs.

The psychologist is trying to get the canaries to understand that they are dogs, not birds, and to learn to accept that fact.

On the other hand, the canaries are seeking self-determination, i.e., the right to assert their own zoological and political status. The canaries' lawyer is confident that the canaries will be successful in their upcoming legal proceeding in the Supreme Court of Spain.

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