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Mr Crapcom Himself

Crapcom is a video game making company that used to make a variety of video games, but now just recycle the same selected hit games over and over again with new color palettes for Chun-Li's underwear.



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Crapcom was founded by Arthur B Crapcom in 1986 after being fired from his position as a volunteer in a homeless shelter after he got fed up serving slow homeless people there soup and yelling at them, "Come on, hurry up, some of us have homes to go home to you know". After his dismissile, he headed for the video game market where he could concentrate on his anime fetish of seeing "toons" beat each other up, and have the girls all show their knickers. He invested his money in hiring a team of as many American video-game developers as he could, and went to work on his first video game release, Street Fighter.

Unfortunately for Mr. Crapcom, they where all American, so they could not design the anime style of characters Mr Crapcom wanted to get off to with, and the game was only received as mild mediocre to absolutely "fuck-all success" as quoted by IGN Pro gaming magazine in 1997.

Mr Crapcom would abandon the idea for now, and make a shitty game about a doctor duck that could stick his bill up his own ass. The game was even less successful, due to its sloppy and stiff controls that made it almost impossible for gamers to make the duck stick his bill up his own ass. The sloppy control handling was the same on there next game, "Debbie Does Data". A game based on a cult Disney movie where players had to eat balls and earn points, but it too was labled as a clone, this time ripping off the most famous balls-eater of them all, Pac-Man.

Mr Crapcom was under threat of bankruptcy now with 3 shitty games on the market, and no profit to be rolled over anywhere. He was broke, and his company was looking at going under. He was in bad financial debt, owing 78 cents with only 18 months to pay it off. Mr Crapcom was desperate to come up with an original idea that would sell.

Street Fighter II[edit]

image from Crapcoms Street Fighter II Geriatric Edition

In 1992, Crapcom decided to make a sequel to Street Fighter, called Street Fighter II. It was Crapcoms savior, the game that kept the company from going out of business and having to hold up signs on the street saying, "free blow jobs, just so i can have something warm in my stomach for dinner". The game became a monster, dominating the video-gaming world on both arcade and home consoles. Crapcom then tried to make a game about a fish that couldn't swim, and a RPG where you control a midget in need of a biki-wax, which almost bankrupted them again, but soon they felt that the only way to continue to receive a paycheck, was to release an upgraded version of Street Fighter II. They now released a version where you could control the color of Chun-Li's underwear between blue and red colors, calling it Street Fighter II: champion edition. The game was even more successful then it's predecessor. With no ideas for new games in mind now, the only natural thing to do was upgrade SF2 again, this time they added new moves made it faster and gave Chun-Li underwear color choices of blue, red or hot pink, calling it SFII: Hyper Edition. They then made it even faster 2 days later with a new version called SF2: Turbo Edition where Chun-Li received not only an additional baby blue pair of undies, but a new move that would spring her ass in the air high enough to get a real good look at her briefs. Soon following where more upgrades to Chun-li's panties in SF2: Fucko Edition, SFII: Ultimate Kombat, SFII: Tournement Edition & finally with Street Fighter II: Just for the hell of upgrading it edition.

With the money raking in now, Mr. Crapcom could now afford the top video game designers in America, he could now hire a team of video game designers to help make the game seem more anime for his personal pleasure, however he could only hire mid-weight designers, not professional animi porno manga drawers, cause they all live in Japan and Auckland. He hired a few new guys and soon they had completely made the game again from scratch with new graphics, and upgraded Chun-Li to have an option of an unbelievable 7 colors to choose from for her underwear! They called this one Super Street Fighter II. It also introduced four new characters to the game, with an English background female designed off Mr Crapcoms fetish to see Kylie Minouges ass. She also had an options of 7 colors to choose on her G-string costume. Soon that was not enough, and still no ideas for a new game where in site, so they made the same game faster and called it Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, where Chun-Li and Cammy also received all new super enhanced graphics for there now 8 colored pairs of undies. and sure enough soon enough followed SFTT "hyper", "champion", and "fistfucko" editions of the same game but a choice of 9 colors and 1 hidden option to just remove Chun-Li's underwear all together.

How Bout Realistic Graphics?[edit]

In 1994 over at rival company Midway, they had success with a similar success with a game called Mortal Kombat that used realistic graphics. Crapcoms game had just been made into an academy award winning movie, so it was only natural for them to make a game based on the movie based on the game. They utilized the same style of graphics as Mortal Kombat and called it Street Fighter The Movie which was not a successful game, as many people where confused why it was called "the movie" when it was a video game. Mr Crapcom later stated in a press conference;

  • "we should have called it, Super Street Fighter II The Mortal Kombat Version and we probably would have been successful enough with it to make 100 more version of it with alternate colors for Chun-Li and Cammys ha-do-ken holes".

Street Fighter 2010[edit]

Chuck and Segal prepare to battle it out in Crapcoms Street Fighter II Super Hyper Turbo Champion Fucko Celebrity Kung Fu Masters Edition

This game was released by Crapcom on the NES in 1991. It was a game that features Ken Masters in the future, in a style of game much like Megaman. Now that it is 2010, the future looks nothing like that, but Mr Crapcom stated in a 2010 interview that it was not meant to be a future game, but they where planning on SF2 when it was made, and decided as a side project they would make Street Fighter part 2010 before SF3, as it seemed like a good idea at the time to make the 2010th version of SF drawing inspiration from Zelda games. He also stated that if you can beat the impossible side-scrolling shooting game, you are awarded with a picture of Chun-Li's underwear in vibrant 8 bit graphics.

With the success Crapcom now had with the SF franchise, he was able to fire his game designers, and buy the best manga/anime porn graphic artists in the world.

X-Men & Marval[edit]

In 1997 Crapcom FINALLY came up with a new concept for a video game, it was taking Street Fighter II, but using characters from The Xmen & Marvel Series. It was a smash hit and soon there was special editions, champion editions, hyper turbo editions, super editions and super-mega-fucko editions as always. But soon Mr Crapcom would realize what was missing in the game, and his thoughts where that giving Wolverine a palette of 12 costumes for his thong was just...well... just plain disturbing.

Chun Li smothering her opponents

Xmen VS Street Fighter[edit]

Mr Crapcom added Chun-Li and her underwear to the X-Men game, and the rest of the developers in a last minute decision said they should add the other SF2 Characters to the game if it was ok with him, which Mr Crapcom agreed to, as long as Chun-Li had 15 colors to choose from on her now track-pant-tights look, that Mr Crapcom had asked specifically for in his latest camel-toe fetish.

Marvel VS Crapcom[edit]

"You'll Never defeat me, Batman" one of Mr Crapcoms favorite still shots of all time, on a real woman anyway

Mr Crapcom had a desire to see Captain America sniff Chun-Li's underwear, so they signed a deal with Marvel allowing them to do so. Chun-Li now had over 30 color choices for her camel toe, and designed her legs thicker in his latest fetish for chunky-chicks. The game was received well by what SF fans where still checking out the latest installment of the series. Gaming Power Magazine said it was one of the best fighting games they had ever seen involving a bunch of super-heroes huddled around one Asian chicks stink-filter.

Street Fighter Alpha[edit]

By now Crapcom decided instead of making SF3, why not do a game set in-between SF1 and SF2, so they did. It featured great anime graphics for Mr Craps pleasure, and was received well by anime and other kids who enjoy flipping one off the wrist to drawings over a real woman. As expected, they made 100 versions of the same game, then did a series called SF: Alpha Zero, and SF: Alpha Power Ranger Zero and so many more versions that it is impossible to keep up with how many versions where released every-time Mr Crapcom had a desire to change Chun-Li's velcro-bandit-bandages color.

You must defeat this fag named Shen Long to stand a chance

Street Fighter 10[edit]

Much like the confusion of SF:2010, Crapcom decided to make Street Fighter 10 (SF Err... X) even before they had made part 3. This time the game would be in 3D polygon texture. They called it SF:EX for short. The idea came from another game, yet another rip-off of Midways games, they ripped off Mortal Kombat 4. The game was not a success as no one owned the consoles it was available (Sega Suckturn). But Mr Crapcom loved seeing Chunger's undies in polygon graphics. They also made a SF:EX2 just so Mr Crapcom could see his fantasy-fuck-hole's undies with the latest direct-x technology in a Super Mario 64 environment. The second version was released to public, but gamers asked for Crapcom to go back to the 2D visuals. So Crapcom complied, but it is rumored Mr Crapcom had personal new versions of the game made for his own personal use, and in the game Chun-Li's underwear alone where a playable character.

Mr Crapcom Himself!

Street Fighter III[edit]

By now no one cared any more about the next Street Fighter game to be released, but good ole' Mr. Crapcom wanted a new game to keep his need to see Chun-Li's thighs in brand new yet familiar same-old, same old ways. So he designed a new Chun-Li with bigger boobs and a pair of CFMS (come fuck me boots), with over 100 colors to choose for her drawers, and then told the rest of the team to design whatever they wanted around Chun-Li's new badger-containment-area. Every time Mr Crapcom got bored of the colors, a new version was released.

Street Fighter 4[edit]

Fans now scream at Crapcom asking when will this shit end? But as long as Mr Crapcom is still in love with the idea of a animi character and not a real life partner, they will keep on coming.

Recycle The Recycled Street Fighters Again[edit]

Mr Crapcom was playing the old Super SF2 and was a little annoyed at the pixelated graphics of Chun-Li's panties. So he decided the company would redo the game in High Definition. Hence, wouldnt you know it, SSFII HD was born with higher resolution pixelated graphics that are so clear, if you pause the game during one of Chun-Li's butts-up ha-do-ken, you can see skid marks on the underwear as personally contributed to the design team at Mr Crapcoms request.

The Future Of Street Fighter Crapcom?[edit]

Most likely there will be 100 versions of Street Fighter, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and a million versions set in-between those versions, then a few million crossover games with other Crapcom titles, a few billion copied ideas from the next move in the MK series, and a few more shit movies based on the SF franchise. But for now Crapcom is concentrating on making all there previous titles in HD format to enhance the visual of Chun Li's underwear to satisfied Mr Craps fetish for various color and design patters of Chungas whisker-wallet.

Inspiration of the 1 on 1 Fighting Games[edit]

Crapcom have set the standards for these type of fighting games... if you don't include Mortal Kombat that is. Just about every game designer out there with a fetish to change a characters underwear, bra, panties etc will make a game where they designed the female characters themselves, and let a team of developers design the rest of the game around it. In 2003 Mr Crapcom wanted to take on Mr Midway in a Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat video game, but neither company could decide on how many colors Chun-Li should have for her underwear and how large Sonya Blades chesticles should be. The deal fell through and Midway signed with DC Comics to finally have Batman take on the real Sub-Zero.

That did not stop Mr Crapcom from making an illegal version tho, he combined the idea with another where he wanted to release a game with over 500 versions of Chun-Li available in the game, ranging through all the designs and colors she had been seen in during the past. He created a program for the PC called M.U.G.E.N and his dream came true seeing Chun-Li's in a Street Fighter game with every color imaginable for her fly-filters. The MUGEN system was released to public to Mr Crapcom could secretly share his fetish with the world, and see what amateur sprite rippers could do with Chun-Li's hooded warrior. Some other hacker figured out you can add whoever you want, and it was not just Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat characters anymore, it was a plague of everyone in a video game you could think of, and even people who are not. Mr Crapcom likes the Menga and Anime characters, but says he can't fucking stand the A.I of Carrot Top and AVGN being so damn hard to beat.

Crapcom Games[edit]

  • Street Fighter
  • Something About A Duck
  • Something Unknown
  • Fighting Street
  • Street Fighter 2010
  • Street Fighter: The final edition...not
    • Street Fighter II
    • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Red Underwear Edition
    • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's baby-blue underwear Hyper Edition
    • Street Fighter II: Hyper Champion Turbo Golden Panties For Chungas Edition
    • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Upgraded Panties Edition
    • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's No Panties At All Limited Edition
    • Super Street Fighter II
    • Super Street Fighter II Turbo Drawers Down Edition
    • Super Street Fighter II Hyper Fast Seeing Chungas Undies Edition
    • Super Street Fighter II Rip Off Of Kitanas G-string Edition
    • Super Street Fighter II VS Chun-Li's underwear.
      • Street Fighter 2010
      • Street Fighter 2010 Special Edition
      • Street Fighter 2010 Hyper Edition
      • Street Fighter 2010 Turbo Edition
      • Street Fighter 2010 Early morning stoned pimp edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha
    • Street Fighter Alpha Newley Designed Anime Camel Toe For Chun-Li Champion Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha Turbo Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha New Colors For You Know Whose Undies and also Really Fucking Fast Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha Zero: Chun-Li's camel Toe upgrade edition.
    • Street Fighter Alpha Coke Zero: Chun-Li's rip off of Lar Crofts Camel Toe Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha Kenny Wun
    • Street Fighter Alpha Jam Tournament Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha Power Ranger
  • Street Fighter 10
  • Street Fighter 10 1/2 Chun-Li's Undies In Direct-X 3D Edition
  • Street Fighter 10 Turbo 1/4: Chun-Li's new panties edition
  • Super Street Fighter 10 Hyper Mega Turbo Super Fucko Larry Curly & Moe Edition
    • Street Fighter III
    • Street Fighter III Turbo Boobs For Chun-Li edition
    • Street Fighter III Hyper Turbo Panties Down For Chungas Edition
    • Street Fighter III Fucko Turbo Hyper Spastic Edition
    • Street Fighter III In HD
    • Street Fighter III In BlueRay
    • Street Fighter III In Your Ass
    • Street Fighter III VS Street Fighter 2 VS Freddy VS Jason Edition VS Chun-Li's Underwear Edition
      • X-Men VS Street Fighter
      • X-Men VS Street Fighter II Breakfast Edition
      • X-Men VS Street Fighter III Evening Gown Edition
    • Marval VS Capcom (aka: Street Fighter 1000)
  • Street Fighter 4
  • Street Fighter 4 Turbo Boost To Chun-Li's Camel Toe Edition
  • Super Street Fighter IV Turbo Ludicrous Sped Up Donkeys Balls Edition
  • Super Dooper Street Fighter 4 1/2
  • Street Fighter 4 Fuck off already edition
    • Pee Wee's Playhouse
      • Super Street Fighter II HD
      • Super Dooper Fucking Street Fighter II in Fucking blueray and HD With additional skid mark color changes to Chun-Li's underwear edition.
      • Super Street Fighter III HD
      • Super Street Fighter III HD Turbo Drawers Down Edition
      • Super Street Fighter IV HD Slower More Sexy Panty Pull Down Edition
    • Super Street Fighter 5 (coming soon, not late enough)
  • Super Street Fighrer: Chun-li's underwear make-over Edition

Movies Based On Crapcom Games[edit]

  • Street Fighter The Movie (1994)
  • Street Fighter The Animated Movie (1998)
  • Street Fighter 2: More Chun-Li Undies Scenes (2001)
  • X-Men: Shemales (2003)
  • X-Men II: Lady Boys (2005)
  • X-Men III: Dickless Heroes (2007)
  • Hooded Wolverine: Chun-Li's Underwear Exposed (2008)
  • Street Fighter: The Legend That Is Chun-Li's Underwear (2009)
  • Street Fighter: Chun-Li VS Cammys Cammytoe (2017)
  • Street Fighter 3: Chun-Li's underwear saves the world.