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Captain Archer in his days as a Tory politician

Captain Archer, nicknamed The McDonalds Arch, was the man who designed the McDonalds Arch. Many know him to be the man who developed the McDonalds Arch, but he likes to consider himself the creator of the McDonalds Arch. He is also infamous for losing three of his favourite socks in an unfortunate accident involving lemons and a glass dildo made in France.


Archer, then named Sperm Clone Project 69-Beta, was to be a clone of Captain Janeway. This makes sense, for both of their shows suck.

Janeway, under the advisement of a drunk Tuvok, named Project 69-Beta - Captain Archer. Tuvok was eating an Arch Deluxe from McDonalds at the time of birth, playing catch with a tomato piece as Archer was being born. Picking up the piece after birth, Tuvok discovered a new food item. (See: Vaginal Tomato Sandwich)


Archer had a very commanding attitude, especially in his childhood:

What the hell man?! Give me your lunch money! - Captain Archer in kindergarden to his teacher.

You call this a grilled cheese sandwich?! I should grill your face, I'm sure it would look better than it does now! - Captain Archer in grade 3 to the student cafeteria server.

An A-minus?! An A-minus?! I constructed a fully working environmentally-safe emission-free trans-dimensional high-powered nuclear generator for nothing?! I'm selling this to MGM! - Captain Archer during a science fair in Grade 8 on his so-called 'Naquadah Generator'.

I did it! - Captain Archer on successfully using a toilet in grade 10.

I did it, and I feel good! - Captain Archer on successfully using a toilet again, after reading a Playboy.

Hey girls, check out this tricked-out ride! - Captain Archer on spending $100,000 on a Ferrari in grade 11.

I need another extension on my mortgage. - Captain Archer 1 month later

What the hell do you mean my car has been foreclosed? - Captain Archer in 2008


Archer was 22 years-old with a Ferrari, living in his parent's basement with an addiction on licking stamps. He needed money, fast.

Going downtown in his hometown, he went to the local Pimp college. For 3 months, he walked the streets as a Pimp, earning enough money to pay off his Ferrari and paying back his stamp debts. He even had enough money to start eating at Kentuckistan Fried Chicken.

He was eventually caught by police and brought in. The charge: pimping without a certified license. He was found guilty and placed in jail for 10 days.

During his time in the slammer, he was eventually granted the use of a television, in which he saw a commercial for MacDonalds with it's one arch logo. He then thought of an idea, that would eventually become his running motto:

Why use one arch when you can have two?!

When he was released, he submitted the idea to MacDonalds. The secretary kicked him out as she was too busy listening to a telemarketer discuss cheap long-distance phone rates to worry about an arch. Archer, mad, threw a rock and whatever he could grab from his pocket at the CEO's window. Looking at the glass shards from the damage, the CEO noticed they spelled out: 'McDonalds' with the arch beside it. Hence forth, MacDonalds changed to McDonalds and the McDonalds Arch became the signature trademark of the company. However, Archer got no support, so he sued. McDonalds, at the time, was going through 47 trials and wanted to get the case over with as fast as they could. Archer lost $500,000, his Ferrari and couldn't even afford to live in his parent's basement.

The Enterprise Incident[edit]

The crew of the enterprise was diverse, except T'pol. All Vulcan's look alike.

Out on the street, Archer passed by his local Kentuckistan Fried Chicken to dig the garbage for some old or used food. Beside the bin was a man sitting at a cardboard box with an old clipboard. The man's name: Brannon Braga.

Braga offered Archer the following: A TV series where he would be the Captain. Archer gave his name, in which Braga laughed, but gave him the job anyways. They shared a fresh bucket of re fried chicken and went to Paramount studios to start production.

What the Deuce?[edit]

Captain Archer's name had been switched to Scott Bakula, who in which played the character of Captain Archer. Despite the confusion, Archer/Bakula/Archer went on to continue his work as a new actor. Filming the first episode of Enterprise, Broken Car, Part 1, Archer/Bakula/Archer earned $1.56 Canadian and blew it on a $1 lottery ticket.

1 liberty bell, 2 liberty bells, an appl...aww...I mean, WAHOO! I WIN!

Archer/Bakula/Archer cheated 7-11 out of $50 million US and left his acting job, bought a brand new Ferrari, and bought a new house. (Archer/Bakula/Archer was replaced with The Real Captain Archer on Enterprise.)

Pimpin' Round the World[edit]

Currently, Archer has returned his name to Captain Archer, only eats Kentuckistan Fried Chicken (despite encountering food poisoning 47 times in his life), got a valid Pimp license and earns $1,000,000 a year.

Also, McDonalds has finally recognized him for his efforts. They gave him a complementary ham and $10.


Sometime around 2258, a young Scotty tried to test his new transporter on Porthos. Unfortunately, the dog was never seen again, and so he was exiled. He wouldn't be punished so severely just for Porthos but when the news got to Admiral Archer he had a violent heart attack and stroke and died.

Books Written[edit]

During his time in jail due to illegal pimping, Archer has written a number of books including:

Mein Enterprisef - Title of his first book
I am not SPAM - Title of his second book
I am SPAM - His other other book
Pam I am - Comment on his wish to be Pamela Anderson
Spam I am -Comment on his wish to be a can of Spam

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