Captain Hippy

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“This is who will succeed me”

~ Walt Disney on Bob Iger

“here we have a... hippy running Disney named "Bob's Ego"”

~ David Attenborough on Bob Iger

Captain Hippy also known as Bob's Ego or Bob Iger is a hippy who hipped like a hippo thingy and eventually became the CEO of Disney, this guy, really, this shtick is stupid shtick that I don't want to write 'bout.


Bob Iger became an intern apparently with Disney and was stupid as hell, geez, why am I doing this?, anyway, he then killed the CEO and became CEO, thhhhhhhhhhis guy, he's awful and not lawful or loyal or honest or truthful, he tarnished and ruined Disney's legacy and ruined it, this hippie, this guy, this thing, this thussy wussy ruined Disney for all of us.