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Note: This is about the brother of Mr. Clean. If you want to create (or read) the article about the Coratian Rebels, click the link.

Captain Jet!


Captain Jet is explained in his name: Junior Evil Terrorist. He will soon work his way up to Senior Evil Terrorist but that is in the not-so-near future when he will be reincarcerated as Set, Captain Pharaoh Camel-riding Ass-Kissing Pharaoh of the Moons of Marfughush. A man of many words, very few of them intelligible, Captain Jet once said: "Those who cannot do, teach, and those who cannot flanglegorp smigerton flappy wongerton."

Baseball Records[edit]

Holds the record for most hits in a season without using a baseball bat, with a grand total of .5. (See also, His Penis)

Holds the record for most times stealing home with his face. (See also, His Penis)

His Penis[edit]

It shares the record for most hits in a season without using its hands. Also: Huge.


Captain Jet is responsible for many of the greatest hits of our generation. These include:

  1. My Face Hurts (And So Does My Penis)
  2. I'm A Captain, Bitch (Are You? I didn't THINK SO.)
  3. What Goes Up, Must Come Florgle Blatt Gunflarging
  4. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  5. Not a disk, but he also wrote Moby Dick.
  6. I was raped by a Dolphin (Remix)


Brother of Mister Clean, fathered by Elton John and Bea Arthur. Ew.

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