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An operating system created in 1574 by Oscar Wilde, CarOS was revolutionary in its day. Oddly enough, CarOS is Sorac backwards not Oscar. While the reason for this is unknown, it is theorized that "Oscar" spelled backward can never become "CarOS" and that the only way it could become "CarOS" is to rearrange the letters. However these people are not good scientists. Also if you add an "L" it becomes CarlOS, another popular operating system. Carlos is also the guy who you owe money.


CarOS uses a unique method of storing data by carving each bit into a piece of wet clay. Problems arose when the clay proved hard to read and was occasionally mistaken for crackers by dogs and small children. It also did not use a processor but instead had a miniature abacus that was operated using by the users foot on a small pedal off to the side. Even though it was fairly innovative, people disliked the idea that instead of a keyboard, you had to touch various arrays of wires with each other, to input data.

Oscar Wilde[edit]

Oscar Wilde oddly enough never had any quotes for his own operating system, and this is considered to be one of the few things Oscar Wilde never referenced. Only his friend, Oscar the Grouch said anything.

"What a crappy operating system." —Oscar the Grouch

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