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Let's do the Caramelldansen!

Caramelldansen is a phenomena that occurs when a certain kawaii anime fan (that means you, <insert name here>) becomes incredibly bored and has no anime left to watch. The kawaii anime fan will then begin flailing their arms hysterically (this is sometimes referred to as a Kawaii Seizure).

Link and Ike are Caramelldancing...

The Caramelldansen originated in the year 1337, during a period of time known as the UnKawaii Phase (named because people in that time would hunt down anime fans and burn them) in which anime fans would flail their arms around hysterically to the sound of nothing, leading innocent bystanders to believe that they were having an epileptic seizure. This was not the case, however, 90% of the time the person had been hired by a complete stranger to distract their friends, relatives and the Grue in the attic so that they could watch anime without fear of the channel being changed as those people were busy watching the crazy lunatic waving their arms around madly, laughing hysterically and saying "OMG, I feel so Kawaiiiiii right now! <3333333 =)". The Kawaii Seizure Caramelldansen-performer was sometimes referred to as a Kawaii-Seizure Performance Artist, although the more common phrase was generally "What's wrong with that person?".

Modern Use[edit]

The Caramelldansen is now used by kawaii-kids and /b/-tards all over the world to show extreme happiness or, in most cases, extreme retardedness. It can also be found on YouTube, being performed by your favourite anime characters such as Pikachu, Mario, Link, Princess Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sephiroth, Ash (from Pokemon), Orihime, that guy from Bleach, Nightmare (from Soul Calibur), Princess Zelda, Princess Peach, and several other people you've probably never heard of.

Even Leonidas is Caramelldancin'. This! Is! Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

It is also used by people in real life, who actually record themselves doing the Kawaii Seizure Caramelldansen, and then upload it onto YouTube with the title "OMG THIS IS SO KAWAII" or "fr33 xxX p0rn". This leads idiots to click on the link, expecting to receive their fr33 xXx pr0nz (these are the same people who have been Rickrolled 50,000 times and still don't realize that there is no porn on YouTube) but instead find a video of some 14 year old girl flailing her arms. With the recent addition of annotations to YouTube, these videos are often accompanied with an annotation with the text "LoL I'm sooo hot!! <33 kawaii4lyf". For some reason a bunch of stupid Barbie dolls put it into English (badly) and flailed miserably, like most Swedish/Norwegan/other cold place's songs.

Caramell dansen is lethal to most teenagers and has been known to turn normal Americans into creatures with rather large eyes and extreme emotions. Caramelldansen originated is Sweden so no one knows how the hell the Japanese got to it to start their invasion into our minds. NEVER EVER EVER WATCH CARAMELLDANSEN FOR MORE THAN 3 SECONDS!!!

The Plan[edit]

What most people don't know about caramelldansen is that it is in fact, a plot by Sweeden to destroy all countries on earth that stand in their way by making millions of people caramell dance until they have seizures and die a painful, kawaii death. The sweedish group caramell, responsible for the plan, says they are going to "TAKE EARTH, THEN THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE" Al Gore, our lord and savior, says we should fight this planned attack with rick rolls.

Observed effects[edit]

In small doses (around 20 CADs,)Carmelldansen creates a retarding effect in the subject, as well as an obsession with Sweedish pop singers (such as Robyn and Bjork). A general failing of the arms with a loose disassociation of the wrists occurs shortly after exposure. The subject tends to flick their wrists and sway their hips in a synchronized manner with other afflicted subjects. Higher doses produce an aversion to all forms of animation except for Japanese animation. It is theorized that this phenomenon is the result of the paralytic and seizure inducing nature of the aNiMe compound, which counteracts the 'flying' feeling associated with Carmelldansen exposure. High emissions of [email protected]@ particles are common in higher doses, and CD(Carmelldansen) poisoning is often the end result. ADD like symptoms emerge around 100 CADs. Subject's often become erratic, displaying extremely flamboyant behavior. This particular symptom is more common in female subjects, but there is no concurrent evidence to theorize a natural resistance in male subjects. Carmelldansen exposure at 500 CADs and above is generally fatal within 4 seconds of exposure (1-3 second exposures result in horrific brain damage and mental retardation, specifically in the cerebellum, and frontal lobe). CD is also known to take host in any afflicted subject (noted most commonly between 100 and 500 CADs after 10 seconds of exposure. This condition is affectionately called 'fangirl' syndrome, or conglomperous asphyxii. Those exhibiting conglomperous asphyxii, will immediately charge and glomp (tackle) any target in the vicinity of low to high levels of CD. This generally happens in large hordes of the afflicted subjects attacking a single target of interest, resulting in the suffocation of the specified target. Young adults and teens between the ages of 13 and 25 are the most susceptible to CD, this is mostly the result of the underdeveloped cerebellum and frontal lobe. The 'ani eyes' phenomenon is the result of massive brain Hemorrhaging from the frontal lobe. The resulting build up of pressure in the skull forces the eyes to bulge out appearing abnormally large. This symptom is usually followed shortly by death.

A typical victim of deadly CD exposure.


CD exposure, depending on the level of exposure and time, is generally untreatable. If caught in time. low levels of CD exposure can be treated with several doses of ArHg2*16H2O. MSG has also been shown to treat CD exposure well. Higher levels of exposure are terminal. The afflicted subject is generally incinerated, and the ashes treated with high concentrations of HF acid.

“Typically, the subject affected by CD is terminated.”

~ The Govenator on CD Treatment options

“Shoot them in the head and they stay dead! Get that one! She's a twitcher!”

~ George Romero on CD exposure