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Card games are a lot of fun and a tasty treat for your kids, the rules are you throw down a bunch of cards (they might be Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon or whatever else you wish) and say how may points the other person has lost (this is what mostly happens). Some card games get very confusing, like Uno, but fortunately whilst playing Yu-Gi-Oh and most other card games one need not say 'uno' when one has only one card left.


Playing card games is a lot like making love, you never know what may happen, your Mom may walk in whilst doing it. You also feel a deep shame when its over in less then 10 minutes and its a lot more boring as you get older.


Card games are not for the faint hearted, if you do play stuff like this many people consider you a nerd e.g. chavs (goths, emos and punks aren't any bother since they have no lives either) so when you become a nerd you automatically become an enemy of 'TCWTTACBAR CORP' (THE CHAVS WHO THINK THEY ARE COOL BUT AREN'T REALLY CORPERATION) then you will be as they say 'Boied bruv init homie' (we think this means beaten up but no ones really quite sure)