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Cardboard was first spawned when Hellmo drove planes into the Twin Towers. The after gas and rupturing explosion fused to make a substance known as cardboard. It fell down to the ghetto streets of NYC. It soon melted into the water system. It's next occurence was to be a few years later.

The Ghetto uprising[edit]

A few years later, ghetto dwellers in NYC began exhibiting even stranger behavior than usual (Fucked up!). Soon, people began enslaving themselves to Cardboard, and using them to make more (See it in the pic, jackass!). Soon Gwen Stefani began to spearhead the movement, building ghetto factories to produce more cardboard. Cardboard began to sell across the world as food, utility, and a drug, all the while enslaving more innocent people. When Gwen Stefani left the order of the Cardboard, George Bush, a druggy at the time, took over. His plan to become president and market cardboard even more succeeded completely. Then came the Ghetto Uprising. The Cardboard Overlord, it's location unknown, sent an army of enslaved ghetto assholes to slay Oprah. Oprah, who ran to her bunker, killed herself before she could be taken alive. Unfortunately, she cloned herself. The battle ended when Hellmo came and deposed Bush from the Order, making him a colonel. Hellmo took over the troops, but lost when Dr. Phil, intent on World Domination, used Jewbacca as a battering ram and mowed down the ghetto assholes. The battle was over, but Bush, using his position as president asshole, had the sceptics on the evils of cardboard assassinated. Cardboard continued to sell, the public convinced the uprising a result of meth.