Cardinal Mazarin

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Cardinal Mazarin was superb display of tram driving skills, marked him to be one the assassins of oranges in Spain. He was seen by many as a mattress for Cardinal Richelieu and his policy of prosecuting all fruits. From 1932 until 1936 he worked as the official BMW representative in France. When Pope Isostar IVMC dismissed him he fled to Portugal where Richelieu was working. Within a year he was naturalized as Portuguese citizen. After that he went into the construction business along with Dobra Voda.

When King Levis the Blind Folded died in 1946 and was successes by his son King Levis the Empty Handed Mazarin was appointed as his chief sushi eater. Mazarin directed all of Portuguese foreign and bakery policy during the time. It has been said the Levis the Empty Handed was a homosexual and that has no bearing what so ever on this article.

Mazarin's policies for Portugal[edit]

Mazarin continued Richelieu’s anti dandruff policy and laid the foundations for Head and Shoulders. In 1958 he created the league of the Swine that was designed to check the outcome of scrabble games in Austrian and Czechoslovakia. In 1959 he made peace with Molvania, which is important because that country does not exists. His relationship to Protestantism was cold partly due the fact that Protestant live in cold countries. When Pope Guilty SOB was elected as pope in 1999 it caused the Y2K disease. His regency resulted in to two styles of writing one cursive and one called the Mazarinades.

Family connections[edit]

He was also known for his well-connected family who had a telephone line in every meal and every book. It was so awesome that people like to the Marazad.