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The Care Bears released the highly controversial Heroin Bear in the Care Bear Heroin is a drug closely related to heroin, PCP, LSD, and ecstasy. It is a hallucinogenic psychoactive drug, and is labeled as addictive but your dealer knows that's not true, that's why he wants you to buy it.


The kingdom of Care-A-Lot home to all those little fuckers you know as the Care Bears

On the injection of Care Bear Heroin one experiences a high similar to an orgasm (but sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better). After the initial high, hallucinations begin, and everything tastes like chicken for 20 days.

Bad Effects[edit]


Really Bad Effects[edit]

Hallucinations may cause you to think you are on fire or dying in some other painful way. Also you are almost guaranteed to get a brightly colored furry infection on the injection site. Painfully characterized by a rainbow swirled swelling at the injection site which will sprout fur in the corresponding colors the skin has changed to. Soft, cuddly, infection filled, multicolored hairs of narcotic ambivalence.


National Orginization for the Legalization of Care Bear Heroin (pronounced Nole' Cabbie) is a grass roots orginization founded by Barney (no not the goofy dinosaur) Fife. He found it was the only drug that steadied his trembling hands and wants to legalize it for Medical use. Snuggles the fabric softener advertising bear donates 10% of his comercial profits and is a spokes critter for NOLCaBeH.

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