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Carl Barks is a humanoid who imagined during his lifetime that he was a duckoid, and who hatched many eggs of famous citizens of Duck City, like the egg of Grandma Duck, that of Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and accidentally even that of Daffy Duck, a fact which he has regretted until his death.

Barks lived in Goose City, which is near Duck City. Carl Barks is a genious who wrote many comics on Daffy Duck.

After hatching the eggs of the three small pigeons that keep being chased by the friendly wolf, Carl Barks pledged not to hatch any eggs for the rest of his life, a pledge which he broke on many an occasion as there were simply far too many eggs around that waited to be hatched.

Other Carl Barks[edit]

Every Communist who fancies himself a comedian names their dog Carl Barks and thinks it's an original idea, when in fact it was Engels who first came up with dog's name. When his dog would squat out a turd, Engels would say in sarcasm, "Oh, Mr. Barks has published another manifesto."

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