Cartoon Movie 2

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  • Toony but Tough Twice
  • Looney Tunes just got loonier again
Writers Karl Marx
Producers Josef Stalin, Gordon Brown
Director Tony Blair
Runtime Ninety (90) minutes
Language English, Pathetic
Distributed by PBS
IMDb rating

Cartoon Movie 2 is a 2020 sequel to the crappy comedy-film Cartoon Movie. Like most shit sequels, though, it's got nothing to do with the first film.

The scene opens in California, where a local bum has been found dead in a vegetable rack, with his severed head being sold as a Turnip. Local detective Duck Tracy (played by Donald Duck), is sent to investigate seeing as he has nothing better to do.

At the grocers, Tracy is suddenly attacked by a wave of Killer Tomatoes, and takes cover in a nearby Sperm Bank. Once the Tomatoes are gone, he emerges and bumps into a foxy woman named Foxy Fox (played by Minerva Mink in a fursuit). She lures Tracy back to her apartment and forces him to have kinky sex every half-hour for the next 24 seconds.

Afterward, Foxy reveals to Tracy that the grocers wasn't actually a grocers, but a front for an animal-research laboratory, and the head in charge had been carving up innocent people for spare parts, as it was cheaper than buying a new car.

Returning to the grocers, Tracy and Foxy break in, only to find several mutilated body parts littered all over the floor, some of them with return addresses on them. Sneaking through the grisly mess, they approach a storeroom at the back of the store, and peeping through the keyhole, Tracy spots Bugs Bunny (played by Tom Cruise), apparently alive and well despite being dead for 40 years.

Through the keyhole, Tracy hears Bugs talking to an employee named Orson Cart (Orson Welles), and the two are planning to unleash an army of mutant rocks upon mankind in order to seize control of the entire world. Hearing the plot, Tracy knocks down the door and confronts Bugs, but is forced to surrender when Orson starts fondling Foxy, even though she isn't putting up a fight.

Just as Bugs is about to kill them, Tracy pops him one in the balls, and Orson leaps out of the window for no apparent reason. Bugs is about to strike when the budget runs out, and he is frozen to the spot. Tracy and Foxy take the lifeless body to a foundry, and drop it in a vat of molten iron, promising to keep everything behind them.

Suddenly, Orson comes back with his son, Ben 10 (played by Ben 1.0)and asks him to attack. Ben transforms into Michael Jackson but then he and Orson are killed by a flood of more Killer Tomatoes. Tracy gets out of the way but Foxy is killed. Then one last tomato eats Tracy and everyone dies.

Duck Tracy (Donald Duck) relaxing at the end of some sex.


As is the case with all crappy sequels like Action Movie 2, Cartoon Movie 2 was seen as just 90 agonising minutes of utter bullshit nobody would watch in a million years. Roger Ebert for Paedophile Weekly stated:

Just more proof that nothing is safe from all those bullshit directors who think they're funny just because they're stealing work off everyone else.

Ebert's comments were supported by other damning reviews from anyone stupid enough to see the movie. Oscar Wilde for Zoophile Weekly stated:

How anybody could be stupid enough to watch a movie this bad is beyond me, but find me somebody that stupid and I'll pay you $10 if he has more than one braincell.

Unfortunately, everyone who went to see the movie didn't have more than one braincell, and the movie still made $4,000,000,000,000,000,000.003 no matter how much the critics complained.


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