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Typical festivities of the Casbah

The Casbah is a legendary place in Texas where British punk musicians seeking asylum from Middle East violence created an intentional community dedicated to rocking and wailing.


Sharif don't like it.

Since its beginnings in 1982 the Casbah courted controversy. It was the site of many loud musical gatherings involving punk rockers, Bedouins, Osama bin Laden, guitars, electric camel drums, and chanting. One of the Casbah's most notorious detractors was Omar Sharif.

Sharif would frequently interrupt the festivities at the Casbah, claiming that the carryings-on were insulting to Islam and degenerating the faithful. But whenever Sharif was out of their hair, the participants began to wail once again.

In 1987 Omar Sharif convinced the King of Saudi Arabia to send a squadron of jet fighters to destroy the Casbah once and for all by dropping bombs between the minarets. Fortunately, the pilots were all ex-electric camel drummers and quickly revolted against the King and Sharif, saving the Casbah from destruction but unfortunately igniting the First Gulf War.

Involvement of Walker, Texas Ranger[edit]

Walker, Texas Ranger is known for his cruel repression of wailing

Another well-known critic of the Casbah was Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker was concerned the place was turning into a haven for Al-Qaida, drug and Klu Klux Klan activity and potentially corrupting to the Native American youth. He led a campaign of brutal repression against all forms of rock music which lasted 20 years.

Demolished by the Vice President[edit]

The Casbah was demolished in 2002 by Dick Cheney to create space for a mosquito hunting ranch, where he infamously shot his best friend and hunting companion John Cleese in the face with a rocket launcher in 2006.

Role in Middle East Peace Agreements[edit]

Due to its friendly atmosphere of music, liquor and multiculturalism, the Casbah was chosen as the site of several meetings between the Pope of Judaism Jon Stewart and the High Priest of Islam, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The talks in 1988 lead to the first ever interfaith drinking binge and punk concert between the peoples of the Middle East. The peace process stalled when Jon Stewart blew his nose with Ahmedinejad's head towel.

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