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Casketball is an exciting game that is played by recently departed opponents who aspire for one last shot of greatness.

“My last wish is I could kick Hemingway's ass in Casketball!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Casketball

Origins of Casketball[edit]

Main article: Origins of casketball
Casketball is a very competitive game played between two reccently dceceased players

The distinct evolution of casketball started from bickering between two live people that never really got a chance to settle the score. While there has been general agreement that modern casketball is a North American development from the older game of bowling, where opponents would hurl 10 - 14 pound balls at each other in attempt to render them unconscious, it is gaining acceptance worldwide and could be televised all over the world in a few years.

Rules of Casketball[edit]

The game of casketball is divided up into two ten minute periods called "Dupies" and each deceased opponent must slide their casket on ice into a foam pall (puck-ball) which is then knocked into a net called "the net". The winner is the deceased player who's casket has netted the most palls.

Recent famous Casketball matchups[edit]

Walt Disney VS Adolph Hitler

Bob Hope Vs Frank Sinatra