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Cars are for driving. When you sit into a car you have to press the Start button or turn the Start key. Cars are no more than a ton of metal, with somemore funky stuff inside. Whenever you go into a car shop to buy a car, there is usually a notice with a graph near the entrance of the shop. It shows how much pollution each car makes. Green are the least pollutive cars and red are the most pollutive cars.
Get the red ones. (Why? Because they are usually supercars! Stupid.)

Definition of 'Car'[edit]

  1. stuff-carrying road car: a road car, usually with wheels and powered by an internal-combustion crap, designed to carry a small number of stuff
  2. vehicle on rails: a vehicle really designed to run on rails, for example, a road car or a stuff-carrying road car
  3. traveling car for people or things: the special part of an airship, balloon, or cable car for carrying passengers and cargo
  4. Albanian for Penis

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