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This category is fat and contains too many subpages.
Pages in this category should be moved to subcategories where applicable. It should directly contain few, if any, articles and should mainly contain subcategories.
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This category is a holder for various other categories of erotic (and some not so erotic) images. It exists to make finding pics of erotic images for the purpose of masturbation articles easier.

Please to not add unrelated subcategories to this category, even tho nobody cares about categories.

Ideally images should be placed in their appropriate sub-category. However, they may be placed here if you don't know where they go, or don't have the sub-category names memorized. All images placed here will (hopefully) be moved to their proper sub-categories.

HowTo: Categorize Pictures of Erotic Images on Uncyclopedia[edit]

It is important to categorize all pics of hot people you find on or upload to Uncyclopedia so others and find them and use them while masturbating in articles. Each picture should go into one or more of the following categories:

Image categorization[edit]

By Nakedness[edit]

For images by how naked they are. Ideally, these categories should be mutually exclusive.

  • Nonnude Images Use this category for pictures of images in which the indecent parts of the hot chick are covered.
  • Cute Female Images This category is for the really mild nonnude images, like face shots or images of hot chicks fully clothed.
  • Seminude Images These images have the naughty parts covered, but not by clothing, so the chick in question is still technically nude. Basically boob holding and the like.
  • Pictures of naked girls Use this category for soft-core pr0n proper, i.e. vagina, nipple, or entire ass showing. Please remember to add a NSFWImage template.

By Race[edit]

For nonnude images by race. (Because segregation is cool). The subcategories should be self-explanatory


Note, Boobage Images is now a "holder category" for images, like this one. Meaning, it just holds other categories. Ideally, images should be placed in the appropriate category. However, images can be placed in this category for later sorting if you don't know where they go or don't have the sub-category names memorized. For articles (as opposed to images) with boobs, use category:Boobage. Ideally, these categories should be mutually exclusive.

  • Nonnude Boobage Subcategory for images with the boobage clothed, i.e. bikini pics and cleavage pics.
  • Seminude Boobage Subcategory if nipples are covered, but the chick in question is naked. I.e. nipple slips.
  • Nipples Subcategory for images with nipples showing.

Other Body Parts[edit]

Category:Ass Is now an mainly an article category.

  • Nude Ass nude pictures of female bottoms
  • Vagina For images of or showing vaginas.

Fetishes and Weird Stuff[edit]

  • Fat Women Images Put any pictures of half naked females in here if they are too fat to be attractive.
  • Furry Use this category for pictures of chicks if they're furries.
  • Shemale Erotica Shemales are actually guys, however, if you find any pics of shemales, please put them in this category so that straight people know not to masturbate over them, lest they accidentally become gay. Category:Shemales is for non-erotic crossdressing and the like
  • Fetishes Stick any weird looking pic that has a hot chick in it in here. (Generally, a mundane pic in the above categories shouldn't go here) Some pervert will appreciate it, regardless (or rather, because) of how weird it is.

Gay Images[edit]

Category:Gay Images is now a holder category. The images now ideally do in the three subcategoies:

Specific Babes[edit]

A group of single person categories for noted hot chicks

Related Categories[edit]

These one's aren't part of the "official" subcategories of this category, but are related.


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