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A game is an unusual human construction designed to delete vast swaths of unwanted time otherwise useful for productive activity that builds character - which, if left untreated, could grow into a serious addiction and neurological disorder, characterized by the classic signs of nail biting, rabid red eyes, acne, cheese addiction and the dairy laced farting therein, and sibling beating or excessive game character porn serching on YouTube. Games have been known to eat people, though only on Easter Sunday and on halloween when dead game charecters return from the dead. They are extremely dangerous and can explode on command. Although various other means of time deletion have also been developed over the ages, for example: cyanide tablets, sex, Irish sheep shagging, doggy style, hardcore bum sex, none manage to bring together multiple human psyches in such a delightful yet tension filled and aggressive way as games do, over such objects as large masses of liquid crystals, cathode rays or even flat cardboard pieces. Or maybe flat cardboard pieces that are boxes That have thermonuclear bombs hidden inside. Either way, water bottles have better tans than Santa Clause. Everyone knows that. Moreover, everyone knows the Tooth-Fairy is an easy lay. One of the best games is probably WoW (world of warcraft) which is a game of mindless killing and leveling all for the enjoyment of the players. Some times the boredom can become so excruciatingly have to resort to playing runescape.

If you eat a baby, you get bonus points. If you beat-up a pregnant mother, you're a jerk. If you beat-up a pregnant father... Thats just freaky. You also may be in an Ahnold movie.

Recent major developments in gaming include American politics, discussion over what exactly is shoved up Hilary Clinton and Jack Thompson's asses, and Uncyclopedia.

new in todays news on the 2 of may all gamers were visited by ace lighting and told that their destiny lies in heaven with 72 other vigins all playing world of warcraft, the gamers include Gordon brown, OJ and the easter bunny. The-Fool :-)

Rule of Thumb: Games are fun until someone loses an eye. After that, you will most likely be PWNED!!!!@!11one. {{Subcat|Things that led to the demise of my social life


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