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I’m Mary Anne Milton, a third grade teacher at President Jefferson Davis Elementry School in Guntown, Mississippi. My class of 36 students meets dayly in the spacious Custodial Memorial Closet to learn the Four Rs: Reading, Riting, Rithmetic, and Rspelling. Additionally, the students gain a mastry of history and the three major branches of science: creation science, intelligent design science, and Jesuscience.

As an avid internets user, I have been troubled by perpistent myths stating that Mississippi students are the worst educated in the country. This is simply not true - Alabama’s students are far dummer - and I hope the following articles will help to disspell the myths.

It is a series of articles my students were assined to write dealing with the Presidents. Each student randomly picked one of the 36 Presidents to write about, using our superb 1962 World Book Encyclopedias and our top-of-the-line Commodore 64 computer to gain information.

I hope these articles will demunstrate once and for all that Mississippi’s students are among the best-educated in the country.

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