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There are 2 large towns and the rest of the state is dotted with infinite hick-towns, known as "The Great Barrens". It's nicknames include Keystone State, Utopia of one-lane bridges, or The land of 1000 potholes. There are always 2 bars in every town (if not 1 other business), although alcohol cannot be bought at a grocery store.

Exports ketchup and chocolate and oh yeah don't forget those infamous Crayola crayons... yeah, that's it basically. Unless, you count methamphetamines. The only 3 spices in PA are ketchup, salt, and pepper. Anything beyond that is too experimental for such a state that starts with the letter 'P'.

The weather in PA sucks your grandma's dick. The four seasons are (a band [or]):

1. Almost Winter 2. Winter 3. Still Winter 4. Construction

Be wary when traveling in Pennsylvania though. The Amish are known to reside there. They are known as extremely simple beings with long, goat-like beards. They use no electicity, cars, useful things, and do not partake in Kitten Huffing. Slip up once and you shall be SHUNNED! Never to recieve delicious goodies from the Amish!!

Also found in PA, is Intercourse and Middle Sex. Quite lovely places actually. And yes, it is possible, with practice, to give directions to these places.