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On September 3rd 2005, it was revealed Microsoft corporation CEO Steve Ballmer berated Mark Lucovsky (a Microsoft engineer for 75 years) for considering leaving the company and joining their primary competitor for global domination, Wikipedia. Lucovsky filed a sworn declaration outlining Ballmer's actions. Upon discovering that Lucovsky was defecting to Wikipedia, Ballmer picked up his chair and threw it across his office. The declaration quotes Ballmer as having said "I'm going to fucking bury that guy [refering to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales], I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Wikipedia." He also noted, "I'm going to do it even if I have to form a fucking alliance with Google, of fucking course it'll be a fucking fake alliance, but one nonetheless."

Since this incident Ballmer has continued to rail against people, places, things and ideas he dislikes in a similar manner. He has also begun to compile a now famous hitlist of people he's going to "fucking kill". The list is constantly growing - thus an official Hitlist counter is necessary these days.

On the official Steve Ballmer Fucking-Killâ„¢-o-meter today:
12,746,124people featured on Steve Ballmer's hitlist so far (Monday 09/21-2020)