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Prepare for probing.

This category contains those things that are 100% certified out to get you, as defined by The Government.

This list includes, but is not limited to: llamas, Paris Hilton, shoes, mice, trees, your shadow, clouds, freedom, drugs, EVERYBODY WEARING BLACK, 4chan, bronies, homosexuals, hippies, cows, cheese, Fruit Loops, Billy Mays, Iranians, Muslims, Egyptians, Uzbekistanians, anybody with a dark skin color, anyone not paying taxes, people who like guns, people who shoot guns, people who make guns, your parents, hamsters, yellow cars, chocolate milk, lasers, the Swedish, me, every person on the internet who is most definitely a pedophile, dolphins, Jeeps, duck-faced tramps, Russians, fish, chips, mustard, Guy Fawkes, mailmen, Mr. Rogers, and, last but most defiantely not least, OSCAR.

“You are doomed! DOOMED! You can hide, but you cannot run! MWAhhAhHAhAhAhHAhaHAhAAa!”
~ Oscar Wilde

“Oscar's right!”

~ Weebie on the quote above


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