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I have two ideas for the direction we could send this article in, and would like to hear your ideas on the subject, as well as any additional ideas... Here goes:

One, we could have an extreme "Nazi style" aspie pride, reffering to ourself as "The master race", always using insulting adjectives when speaking of people with NT and adding phrases like "Heil Einstein" (the thing would begin with a crimethink template, obviously). The other way I can currently think of is creating a satire of some Neurotypical opinions on Asperger's "If we do not cure these people they act abnormally and even Think for themselves! it is important that we cure them with our effective methods of tortureTherapy, lest they might think critically and not blindly follow their leaders!", something akin to Neurotypical syndrome that is (beggining with a miniluv approved template). Personally I'm currently thinking the first one has a greater hilariousness modifier, but tastes differ, I would like your opinions and ideas on this (More ideas on direction would be appreciated, obviously). Baron of Greed 23:37, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

Kinda late to add my opinion, but: go all out. Completely over the top, pictures of heavily and obviously retarded kids, sending 'em off to deathcamps, the works. It'd need to be so over the top, that even a hardcore neo-Nazi would think it was bullshit. We also would need enough obvious, glaring mistakes need to be introduced into it, to make it laughable.
That's one way we could do it. If anyone has some other ideas, feel free to speak up. —Xoid (MUN [email protected] Talk) 15:05, 17 April 2006 (UTC)