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Catholic gradeschool; education or structured torture?[edit]

Catholic school is just a way to torture the poor little children that are sent there by their horrible parents. Catholic school enforces a strict (completely ignorable) code of dress and behavior which is designed to turn children into sexless, depraved newts. The principal of the school pushes his beliefs on the students underneath him and makes them follow what he believes. If students don't follow his beliefs, they are put to death and hung before the Pope.


The Catholic gradeschool system says they try to "educate" thier students. By using "teachers" they give the children manual labor or "homework" in massive amounts to be done in one day. The "teachers" are evil, dispicable, and often times not human. But by calling the "school" Catholic, they say that the students get a better "education" there. That is crap.


Lunch is the only time when the students are allowed free-time. They are given crappy food at extremely high and inapproriate prices. The food is served by ex-con "lunch-ladies" who secretly spit and do other nasty things in the "food". In this way the System ensures that lunch for Catholic gradeschool children really isn't free-time, but just another form of torture.

Satanic Rituals[edit]

It's a know fact that catholic gradeschools basements are reserved places for either satanic rituals and other generally frightening experiences, or the Kindergarten classroom. The cause for this common characterist is obviously the lack of sex of the administrative staff, which leads them to look for excitement elsewhere - as in invoking Great Old Cthulhu or sacrificing cows (or sacred virgin students). Yeah, I know, ex-cons are crazy bitches.

There's also a theory that says that, being an catholic entity, gradeschools tend to spontaneously create satanic places, as a mean of developing balance. But that's just weird.

Point of this article[edit]

The only point of this article is to expose the horrible actions of Catholic gradeschools. Hopefully they will all be killed by Clinjas and the world will be a happier, less literate place. Also, it should be remembered that Catholic gradeschools have priests, and priests are always lonely. (But unfortunately, never lonely for long... wink wink...) Don't Forget: Every time they molest the poor little children, Chuck Norris punches another baby.

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It does teach children how to be resourceful, such as using a paper clip, gum, and a copybook to kill a teach in self-defence, or how to steal food from the nearby farms