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Country The Paws of Righteous Harmony (aka Kittenolivia)
The flag of it's nation, The Paws of Righteous Harmony.
Motto: We're the best!
Anthem: The Year of the Cat
A photograph of the modern day Catrock
Population 800,397,099,953 (according to them)
area (square miles) all of the moon (moon square miles)
Official languages Cat Language
Government Benevolent Autocracy
Mayor Meow Tse-Tung (the king/dictator too)
Defenses the giant cannons built into city, the Catrock army, The kitty S.W.A.T.
rank amongst human city best at everything compared to human cities
Currency yummy stuff (ame as rest of nation
location Moon (it is the only city away from earth Kittenolivia territory.)
size comparison biggest city

Catrock is the capital city of Kittenolivia. With a population of 800,397,099,953 cats, it is surprising there are no notable creatures allowed. Catrock, along with all other cities in Kittenolivia that have banned humans from entry, have also banned anything that are not "cats". The creation of Catrock is unknown to humans because they won't tell us about it for some odd reason. City Biologists believe that it is at least a million trillion baboillion years old.


The year catrock was started is unknown because its history is so long. Catrock began as a small moon outpost because cats were seeking a place where they could be away from humans, dogs, and all that stuff. but as the want for a cat headquarters rised, this used-to-be outpost started slowly growing into a big majestic city for cats. In 1965, or something like that, Cats created a country for themselves called The Paws of Righteous Harmony, or known to humans as Kittenolivia and established Catrock as their nations capital. around that time, cats weren't very good with technology so most of their rocket tests had "whoopsies" and went very far off course. (this probably explains the huge craters on the moon.) several weeks later after the rocket tests, cats found all the debris and on the rocket part, they had cheese in the engine.

"a picture of Catrock" but most people recognize this as Shinjuku Tokyo in Japan.

Human's view on Catrock[edit]

A “photograph” of the moon city.

Despite a constant stream of photographic and video evidence to the contrary, Kittenolivia has, since 1965, claimed as its' capital Catrock, a moon outpost/metropolis.

Complicating matters, Kittenolivia continues to claim that Catrock is built around Cathammer mk. V, a "super-cannon", and often punctuates its' demands with threats to the major capital cities of the world. Interestingly, the exact mechanics of the super-cannon, while they have been released, tend to change when genuine scientific inquiry reveals them to be inoperable.

However, it is of course possible that such an outpost has been built. Kittenolivia has offered constant rebuttals to doubts about the reality of Catrock, although these too have changed with time. For example, in the late 1960's, Meow Tse-Tung was frequently heard to reply to hecklers "Why don't you go up there and find out for yourself", which promptly ended in 1969, when someone really did. Of course, doubts have been raised about the authenticity of the Moon Landings, and even the least credible of these doubts is usually aired in Kittenolivia propaganda as soon as it comes about (or vice versa).''

"This stuff above is all fake! dumb humans think this is real!" quote from Meow Tse-Tung. Oh yah! the photo above here is real!

section above should say this! (if human wuz smart)[edit]

An old photograph of the moon city.

A constant stream of photographic and video evidence proves that Catrock exists.

Catrock is built around Cathammer mk. V, a super-cannon, and kittenolivia uses this as a threat to blow up major capital cities of the world if their demands are not met and sinse humans are such sissies they always surrender. Interestingly, some dummy humanz tink dis big super cannon iz fayk so day laff at us and ind up gitting exploded!! hahaha!.

However, it is not posibol dat humanz r smart becuz day iz monkey faces. Kittenolivia haz givd dem alots of chansis butt day tink its fake so we blow dem up sumtimez, although sum dummy stupid human try to cum to Catrock. For example, in the late 1960's, Meow Tse-Tung say to stupids humanz "Why don't you go up there and find out for yourself", when dumbo human gay caym he iz shotid becuz he human and no humanz alowd to go to Catrock, da humanz too dummy. Of course, da dumbo humanz too dummy to flay spays rokit cuz day stupiddy.

(this was written by Kittenolivia after reading the section on Catrock in the article Kittenolivia. they say this that they wrote is a factual copy of the section that all humans should come to for referance on Catrock.)


the mayor of Catrock is Meow Tse-Tung, Meow Tse-Tung is also the leader of Kittenolivia but since Catrock is in Kittenolivia and is the capital city of it, Meow Tse-Tung decided to be mayor of Catrock too. Meow Tse-Tung has done many great things in being mayor like he built a giant monument of himself and made a national holiday called "Dummy Humanz" and much more. Meow Tse-Tung was awarded Collest kitty award by the citizens of Catrock. He also had a big company started and built in Catrock called Meow Mix, Meow after his first name. In meow mix, he made the food taste very good by putting the secret ingredients, Catnip and Cat Cocaine into it. he later stated, "a little good stuff ain't gunna hurt you". Meow Mix company is the main way he makes his money because its cheap to make and everyone loves it. The largest building in the town is Meow Tse-Tung's house and was built by the citizens of Catrock. you can mostly identify it by its massive size and unique color compared to most of the other buildings.

(also written by Kittenolivia)

"Banned" list[edit]

Catrock has an unusually large Banned list. This is a list of all creatures exiled from this city No one knows why the list is how it is so JUST DEAL WITH IT OKAY!!! ITS JUST HOW IT IS!

> People > queers > dogs > monkeys > Dora the Explorer > George Bush > Your mom > squirrels > rats, wait, never mind they taste good! > Micheal Jackson > kids > you > anything else not listed above.

SEE?! Even you aren't allowed. do you have a pet cat? i didn't think so. (I do haha! suckers! that's why it doesn't say Me on the list! or is it...)

Cathammer mk. V[edit]

The Cathammer mk. V is supposedly the super cannon that Catrock was built around. This super cannon "is real and is the most powerful weapon is the world! some dum dum humans say it isn't real but it is!" It is said that This super cannon shoot nuclear bomb rays that have the power of 800 nuclear bombs. It can be switched to different modes; nuclear bomb rays (default mode), nuclear bomb missiles, flame thrower, and auto-pilot defense mode.

Nuclear bomb ray

This mode is the default mode of the Cathammer mk. V when turned on. they say nuclear bomb rays have the power of 800 nuclear bombs all in one laser. it is also the most powerful mode and if shot at earth would turn earth inhabitable because of the amount of radiation.

A truck bringing one of the Nukes out for the super cannon

nuclear bomb missiles

nuclear bomb missiles are the missiles that Kittenolivia always plans on using when sending bomb threats. these missiles are not as powerful as nuclear bomb rays. nuclear bomb missiles have the power of 10 nuclear bombs. this would obliterate the area size of the U.S. and China combined.

Flame Thrower

this mode is where the super cannon shoots out scorching hot fire at the targets and causes the targeted victim to explode when in contact with this flame. It is mainly used when a full scale invasion is attacking Catrock because it destroys more things quicklier that are within a 2 mile radius of the planet. The flame thrower cannot reach other planets and is not used for that.

Auto-pilot Defence mode

this mode is a very powerful mode that is only used a defense. It shoots a giant ray that immobilizes, destroys, and shoves the target back 1,000,000,000,000 miles all in a millisecond. This mode is also automatic and senses motion. whenever it senses motion, it automatically fires the beam at it. this mode does not require any manual assistance other than switching it to this mode.

Most Wanted[edit]

Catrock has recently been having problems with gangs in their town. This is the FBIK (federal bureau of investigation, Kittenolivia)'s wanted poster they made. If you see this person, start screaming and running away. DO NOT APPROACH BY ANY MEANS, SUSPECT IS ARMED AND CONSIDERED DANGEROUS. call our hotline if you have any info on the suspect.

photograph of suspect holding up an illegal catnip store to rob it.

hair color: black, completely covered in hair.

species/ethnicity/not from earth: Monkey (chimp)

name: ?

attire: holds a gun, white T shirt, black shoes. ( sometimes different shirt)

Suspect last seen in Meow District of Catrock (here).

last seen at: Catrock shooting someone. (then left for the airpost with tickets to someplace.)

worth: $8,000,000,000 if alive, $80 if dead.

Wanted for: illegal border crossing, assault, murder, robbery, burglary, armed robbery, theft, grand theft catnip, dealing catnip to innocent cats, assaulting an officer of peace, terrorism threats, pooping on sidewalk, peeing on a picture of Meow Tse-Tung, intended man slaughter, gunning down 20 officers of peace, using cat cocaine.