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Nuvola apps important.svg Article written in the style of its subject
This article is funny because it is written in the real or imagined writing style of its subject. If you do not find it funny, it is probably because you are an ignorant cultural philistine who does not recognise this without explanation. If you still do not find the article funny, that is probably because a joke loses its humor when it is explained. If you hadn't been so ignorant, then you wouldn't have needed to have the joke explained to you in the first place.
OH HAI!!!1111one111 Dis artikul iz about Lolcats, a plan for world domination. Wuz yoo lookin for teh artikul aboit regoolar catz? Pleez note that regoolar cats need fud. I can has fud?[1] The Internet Meme Recognition and Approval Committee
has recognized and approved
to be an Internet Meme.


“Dis artikel. i did haz it. ”

~ Some Cat on Lolcats

“lolcatsh ish terrible. ”

~ Sean connery on lolcats

“DO NOT WANT!! I can hasz cheezburger insted? kthx. ”

~ Happy Cat on this article

“Im in ur wiki, bloatin ur quote secshuns.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Lolcats

“I iz lyke, tot4ly sh00tin teh smack in my [email protected]!!!11!1”

“In Soviet Russia, cat lols you!!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Lolcats

“All ur base are belong to uz”

~ Cats on Base

“Hoomans not own dis wiki, LOLcats own dis wiki!!!”

~ LOLcat impersonating Adorf Kitler

“Do nat b efraiddd!!11elven! i r Jesuscat!”

~ Jesuscat on The monument to you're sins

“If u r grue, don lok at dis artikle, or yor brains start to become cheezburger”

~ A lolcat on warning a Grue to stop looking at the bad grammar

Lolcats is teh reason why: yor hard drive, is fullz. Not want AYB! This iz much funner. Lolcats come from LOL+CAT. They has pikchur with lol-kapshun and lol-cat(s) on its. Teh pics, dey share wif pplz on msg bords and on photo sharez. This feh-nomnomnun haz been popular since bee-fore i-can-has-cheezburger?[2] site. It also braut start of teh Lolrus.

kitteh huffz itself


sumthin lolcats r known to have

Im in ur house, screwin ur wife[edit]

O hai! Lolcats r teh catz taht r invadin' ur intarwebz. Dey r teh sneekiest of teh catz, and teh masters ov Katurdai. Tehy no needs battreez, and normally r not kakes. Tehy r communly foundz en ur lap steelin' ur bodyheatz and vareeous ofer playses, and usually has an alibi. Yah shudnz blink, 'cause ceilin cats may be watchun u!I amz bad at engleshes


“Caturday”, an internet 4Chan meme where there is a picture of some Cat LOLicon with a caption, this dates back to prehistoric times when cavemen would tape messages to their pet raptors, however this rarely turned out well… This led to the extinction of dinosaurs when the cavemen stopped using tape and started using a stapler. Later this was re-introduced when 18th century photographers would put captions on their photos. This is perhaps why so many people were interested in black and white photos. This later evolved into a Mudkip named Joe, now Joe was sad, so he wanted to get happy, and got drunk… Then he “de-evolved” back into a piece of paper and that is why all of the stuff written in the captions are in 1337 speak. That’s right “i can haz cheezburgr?” came from a drunk mudkip… So that’s why people liek dem.

Lolcatz r teh l33t![edit]

lolcatz r nown 2 b g00d at teh v1d1o gamz. U evar bin pr0wned at teh cowntar strikez, it b a lolcat kampin.

Im in ur book depoztry...

Hay. Itz a lujitimut stratujee.

Mai abilities, lemme show u dem.[edit]

lolcats do not accept refnds or s'changes wifout recpt.
Many join r caus! you shall fight Titan Cat!!11!.

Lolcats can:

  • haz cancer
  • deeny ur refnds or s'changes wifout a recpt. k?
  • haz a forcefelds wtf?
  • haz a herb
  • haz a hat(But they have to fight knuckles to earn that achievement)
  • haz a flavor
  • haz A POKAMANS!
  • haz mastachief as powerfull lolcat!! he even advertise for us in his show!!elven11!1.
  • haz mahd skillz
  • be are serious.
  • be seein wut yoo did heer
  • be confuzed???
  • be a cheezeburglar
  • be steelin' yo riffs
  • be steelins yo interwebz
  • be lol'd at by hyoomunz
  • block ur toobz, drainz, sinks, and any oteh kind of drainage
  • alterz yur persepshuns
  • dance teh Thriller
  • turn their everythingz invisiblez.
  • upgradenzen yur RAMz
  • iz way coolrz dan da O RLY owlz
  • iz caught?
  • ...And lots other dizturbing thingz. k?
  • All ur base are belong to mehz k?
  • free food plox!
  • monorail
  • eets ur cookiez dat theys made for u


I haz quantum disequilibrium.


“My historey, they involves mah picz”


Teh lolcats r being a round for long timez, but silly hoomans r not noticings. Dey has come to Earf on huge comit to invadez teh worldz and the intarwebz. They pretndz to be petz to hoomans, but teh hoomans in ree-alitee r teh petz, but r 2 stoopidz to know.[3]

Wez even got piks ovr 1O0 yers aold, becuz lolcatz own ur base.

Teh Future[edit]


“This plan. I has a secret.”

~ Anonymous Lolcat

“I fear the worst when I read this article. Maybe I should get a dog. Dogs are much
I, Oscar Whillie, luvs catz forevah. Food. I promis to bring.”

Us lolcats r plannin to take over ur worldz. We iz in places of power. Silly humans r not expecting anythings. THIS R NOT A KILL ROBOTNIK

Leedur of teh cats will befriendz teh Prezdint of teh wurldz after wurld peece happens in teh far fyoochur, den murderz teh Prezdint and leave himzelf as Prezdint in Prezi's will. They willz nevar suspectz us.

I haz a empire.

I can haz cheezburger?[edit]

gib mi cheezburger pl0x or i kill u, k?



Mah refs[edit]

Let me show u dem

  1. Cheezburger? :s
  2. Mah face. Itz all over teh place!
  3. I has a KATPCHA to filteh dem out

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